Remotely Monitoring Industrial IoT sensors gives you and your organization real-time knowledge of what’s happening with your assets in the field.

In this customer story you’ll learn about how is used for environmental monitoring of air and land.

You’ll see in the photos where Valarm remote monitoring units are deployed at Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms to monitor any environmental factors.

You can monitor any sensor factors that are critical for your organization. In this case, these are the things the customer needs to know that are critical for more effective business operations:

The Valarm units you see in the photos are located in the Central Valley of California. This is a region of the world where there’s a lot of farming going on. It’s the size of the country of Denmark. It’s also one of the most productive agricultural regions in the world. So how can you improve efficiency with our natural resources?

Valarm Tools Cloud Industrial IoT Remote Monitoring Sensor Telemetry Real Time Sensors Dashboard IIoT 1Knowing things for a very specific micro-climate is critical for making intelligent business decisions. Factors like humidity, temperature, and rain might be measured at a weather station 10 miles away nearby a local, regional airport. Is that really what’s going on at Your location? Honestly, it’s probably not.

With rapidly deployable and cost-effective remote monitoring you can deploy many units easily, so you’re aware of what’s happening with your products at any moment. That’s just what this customer did. Once your remote monitoring boxes are deployed in the field, real-time web dashboards and maps automatically update with the latest information about your remote assets, far away in the field.

Situational awareness in this case study means the customers know how much it really rained on their crops. And how much did the rain really sink into the soil? You gain insights into soil and plant health by monitoring sensors for soil moisture and soil temperature.

Decagon GS1 Soil Moisture Sensors with Valarm Tools Cloud Industrial IoT Remote Monitoring and Sensor Telemetry Featured Image 2You know the sun came out and it was pretty sunny today. Or maybe it was cloudy most of the day. How can you really know the amount of sunlight that arrived to your plants, crops, or anything else at your location? That’s why you see light sensors deployed with each of these remote monitoring boxes.

All of this helps you know and predict crop, plant, and farm health. Maybe it hasn’t rained for a while yet your soil moisture is still healthy. Or perhaps it’s been raining, yet your soil moisture is unhealthy. You’d like to know in either case, wouldn’t you?

Valarm Tools Cloud Soil Moisture Sensors Decagon GS3 Soils Temperature Moistures Sensor 1That’s why there are Decagon GS3 soil moisture and soil temperature sensors included in each of the units. It’s the sensor you see in the photo that has the spikes / prongs / tips. When you grab it with your hand it kind of looks like a Wolverine claw! These are deployed deep in the soil at the level you need to monitor soil moisture. The other end of the cable connects to the Valarm boxes you see in the pictures from the field.

Since these Valarm boxes are solar-powered and connect to via GSM cell network, here are a few key components in each unit in addition to solar panels:

It all comes together to give folks like you easy, effective remote monitoring solutions. We look forward to helping you monitor anything, anywhere, you need it. is an open platform. We’re flexible for your needs. Your organization can quick and easily integrate Industrial IoT sensor monitoring with any of your business intelligence / analytics systems, like the Esri ArcGIS platform and Cityworks.

Remember that your organization can use sensors made by any manufacturer to remotely monitor air quality, water, vehicles, industrial equipment, assets, or anything, anywhere! Here are a few favorite sensor hardware companies from dashboards and sensor deployments by our customers:



Our customers use and Valarm units like you see in the photos to monitor just about anything, anywhere.

Have a look at some other industries and customers that use Industrial IoT sensors to remotely monitor things like:

  • Air Quality – Particulate matter like dust, PM1, PM2.5, PM10, and gases like H2S, O3 / ozone, NO2, SO2, CO, and CO2
  • Water Wells –  Water usage, depths, and flowmeters for effective water resources management
  • Tanks – Volumes and levels for safe and intelligent chemical distribution
  • Equipment Run Times – Counters, Data Loggers, and Timers for how long your industrial equipment has been running, e.g., pumps, motors, generators
  • Fluid Monitoring – What fluids do you need to monitor?
  • Fleet Vehicles – Trucks and trailers loaded up with industrial assets like tanks, vacuums, and pumps

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