cityworks-conference-2016-logo-tools-valarm-net-industrial-internet-of-things-remote-monitoring-sensors-air-quality-waterThis week we’re excited to be in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the 2016 Cityworks Conference!

We’ll be at Booth #708 at the CC Expo.

At our booth we’ll be demonstrating how integrates with Cityworks.

You can use any sensor, like air quality, water, or industrial assets, and trigger alerts and Inspection Requests with Cityworks PLL – Permitting, Licensing, & Land.

This video tutorial shows you step-by-step how to combine Cityworks + Valarm. With Cityworks you can easily manage infrastructure capital assets.

youtube-thumbnail-air-quality-monitoring-boxes-with-industrial-iot-sensors-like-vocs-pm2-5-ozone-noxSince Cityworks is GIS-centric and integrates the Esri ArcGIS platform you’ve got effective monitoring, inspection, operations, environmental conditions, and asset performance.

Specifically with Valarm and Cityworks Server PLL you can track permits, planning and development applications, code enforcement cases, land development work, engineering construction processes, and whole lot more!

cityworks-and-tools-valarm-net-for-remotely-monitoring-sensors-like-air-quality-with-permitting-planning-licensing-land-2You can automate and streamline work processes like plan reviews, management tracking and signoffs, fee calculations and payments, tasks and workflow, inspections, applications, and reporting.

Stop by our booth at the Cityworks Conference to learn more about how Industrial Internet of Things Devices let you effectively monitor your remote equipment, environment, and any of your assets.

cityworks-partner-logo-valarm-industrial-internet-of-things-devices-sensors-remote-monitoringWe’re a Cityworks Development Partner and are excited to help you monitor anything you need to monitor!

Have a look at our Customer Success Stories page to see how you can use Valarm sensor monitoring to help your operations run more effectively, increase your safety, and save you money! is an open platform. We’re flexible for your needs. Your organization can quick and easily integrate Industrial IoT sensor monitoring with any of your business intelligence / analytics systems, like the Esri ArcGIS platform and Cityworks.

Remember that your organization can use sensors made by any manufacturer to remotely monitor air quality, water, vehicles, industrial equipment, assets, flooding risks / warning alerts, or anything, anywhere!

Here are a few favorite sensor hardware companies from dashboards and sensor deployments by our customers:


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