Your account lets you map, graph, analyze, and download your real-time Valarm mobile Industrial IoT sensor data.



Here’s the voiceover script from the video above:

Use the Register Now button in the upper left corner of to create an account if you don’t have one yet. You’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to confirm your account. After you’ve confirmed your account you can login in to Valarm’s Cloud Tools by clicking the login button in the upper right part of the Valarm Tools website.

Valarm Tools credits are used up per day, each day a device is active. To purchase credits use the Purchase Credits button in the upper right portion of the screen. ($6 / device, per month)

You can buy Valarm device credits by choosing how many days you want your devices active or by using a calendar to select your desired time period. Click the Add to Cart button after you’ve decided how many credits you would like.

Next, verify your shopping cart contents and the quantity of Valarm device-day credits to purchase, then click the Checkout button.

On the final page enter your billing information. After you’ve entered all of your billing information, click the submit & pay button in the bottom right corner.

Once you have Valarm device/day credits in your account, you can see how many credits you have available on the Device Manager page. Each device has an ‘Expires’ field that tells you how many credits are currently assigned to that device.

You can assign these “device-day” credits to your current devices by changing their expiration dates in the Device Manager screen of Valarm Tools Cloud services. When you set a device’s expiration date to a date in the future you will use the corresponding number of device/day credits. Be sure to click the save button for the device you’re editing after you’ve made any changes to the device.

You can also keep your credits available “in the bank” and assign them to new Valarm devices as you bring those online. You can conserve credits or put them back “in the bank” by bringing the expiration date of any device backwards so it expires sooner. This will put the unused device-day credits into your bank so you can use them on another device.

We believe this is the most honest and flexible way to service you, our customer. You can enable and disable devices as necessary, and change their expiration dates as you see fit.

Once you have Valarm Tools Cloud Credits you can use a variety of tools to map, graph, and analyze your mobile and stationary sensor data. For example, the Esri ArcGIS Tools page shows you your sensor data on different basemaps and allows you to color, classify, and size your Valarm sensor data. Watch our YouTube videos for tutorials on how to do this.

On the Device Manager page you can download your geotagged sensor data in CSV or KML format to import into other analytical tools such as Esri ArcGIS, CityEngine, or other statistical software packages.

You can also graph your sensor data on the Valarm Tools Device Manager page. Here you see ambient temperature and relative humidity sensor values for a Valarm device plugged into a Yocto Meteo Industrial IoT sensor. Click a sensor’s color square to highlight it.

Move your mouse over any lines on a Valarm graph to see the sensor value at that point in time. Here you see a graph with light lumens or lux sensor data that came from a Yocto-Light sensor plugged into a Valarm device.

There’s a whole lot more you can do with a subscription and credits on the Valarm Tools Cloud service. See additional videos on Valarm’s YouTube channel and check out for more information.

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