You have a Valarm account, and now you wish that you could have another user manage and / or view your devices. This would be a very handy feature would it not? Yes, it would. That’s why Valarm already allows you to do just that!

Pick your favorite “co-administrator” or “viewer of devices” and let’s get started. You will see how easy it is to create permissions that are administrative and/or view only. This walkthrough focuses on creating an administrator, however you will see that creating a view only option is essentially the same once you get to step 5a.

First, your co-administrator needs to create their own account on Valarm Tools Cloud.




Registering is easy (as long as you are not a robot)! Just have your new user fill out the registration form.


After registration they will receive an email confirming their registration on Valarm Tools Cloud. They will need to verify their account creation before being able to access

Once they have registered and confirmed their account, ask them for the email address that they used for registration. You will need their email address in a few steps in order to identify them as your co-administrator.


1. Log in to your account with your username and password on



2. Click on the blue user button on the top right of the screen and your user account page will load.




3. Click on view in order to view your account details.



4. Click on “edit”. This will bring up the editing screen for your account.



5a. To add a user as a “view only” user, add their email to the “Add user” field. Make sure you click “add” after you typed in their Valarm Tools Cloud registered email.

5b. To add an admin user, add their email to the “Add administrator” field. Also make sure you click “add”after you typed in their Valarm Tools Cloud registered email.



Once you have completed the above steps your co-administrator can log into their account and see your devices. Have them log into with their username and password.

logback in


Then have your Co-administrator user click on their user button. The same blue button we clicked on earlier. Once they click that button they will see their account info and they will also see your account. They can then select your account as their current account by clicking “select as current”.

Accessing additional Valarm accounts

Your Device Accounts

Then they can view and/or administer your devices based on which lists you added them to in step 5.

We hope this helps you with sharing and administering your sensors and remote monitoring solutions with Valarm Tools Cloud!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.