Do you, your teams, and your organization monitor water?

You’ll see in this video how to monitor flow meters and water usage with

Specifically, you’ll see how Our IoT Customers use RS-485 Modbus sensors to measure water flow.

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Video Voiceover / Transcript:

Howdy, this is Edward from Valarm.

In this video you’ll see how our customers use for water monitoring and effectively manage water resources.

You and your family probably use water every day. Water is a critical asset that we humans need to survive.

Effective water management helps you, your teams, and your organization save time, money, and lives. Whether you’re monitoring water usage, flood warning systems, wells, flow meters, pumps, water levels, or anything else, continuous, real-time water monitoring systems help your bottom line. monitors sensors made by any hardware manufacturer. In this video you’ll see Industrial IoT water sensors for flow measurement totals and water levels.

To monitor total water usage you’ll need sensor hubs and RS-485 sensor adapters like you’re seeing in these images. You’ll find these and other Industrial IoT sensors available for you on

You can use international standard protocols like RS-485 Modbus to retrieve various sensor measurements. For example, from these flow meters you can query factors like current flow rate and total flow accumulation. With these Eno Scientific water level sensor indicators, your RS-485 Modbus sensor adapters will upload information to about instantaneous water well depth, total water in the well, sensor battery voltage, and current IoT sensor probe temperature.

These are some examples of IoT customer success stories where organizations use Valarm Tools Cloud to effectively monitor water systems.

These Smart Water monitoring systems are integrated at locations like water treatment facilities and are critical for industrial and commercial applications. Water monitoring systems help you, your teams, and your organization with various benefits like saving water, environmental regulation compliance, water treatment management, and long life times for your equipment.

This was a taste of monitoring water with Industrial IoT sensors and RS-485 Modbus protocols for government agencies and organizations in any industry. There are many more ways for you, your teams, and your organization to effectively manage and monitor water resources.

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