When an industrial services company in North America needs to monitor tank levels and oven temperatures, they monitor Industrial IoT sensor systems with Tools.Valarm.net.

These ovens and tanks you see in the photos are monitored with Valarm Tools Cloud / Tools.Valarm.net.

This industrial services business, based in Canada, provides industrial coatings like:

  • Spray Coatings
  • Hard Chrome Plating

What began as a family business in the 1940s, Moore’s Industrial Service eventually became a world-class industrial machine shop with headquarters in Canada.

Now this company has been serving the world for over 70 years with environmentally responsible, quality services like Hard Chrome, Sulfamate Nickel and Tungsten Carbide HVOF and HVAF Coatings.

Moore’s is one of the greenest and most environmentally friendly plating facilities in the the world. They protect our world by doing things like:

  • Reclaim all chrome from stripping operations
  • No hazardous material leaves our facilities
  • Numerous dust collectors and scrubbers protecting the air in and around our facilities
  • All scrap metals and cardboard are recycled

With so many tanks and ovens used for their industrial services, our customer needs cost-effective remote monitoring solutions.

By using Tools.Valarm.net connected to sensor hubs and sensor adapters, like 4-20 mA, from Yoctopuce.com, they can quickly and effectively measure critical assets in real-time, like:

  • Levels of Fluids in Tanks
  • Temperatures in Industrial Ovens

Here at Valarm we enjoy working with our customers in such a wide variety of industries.

From the industrial tank levels and oven temperatures in this story, to water levels in wells, flow meters, and flood warning systems, we’re ready to help you, your teams, and your organization with your industrial monitoring needs.

Huge thanks goes out to Wade at Moore’s Industrial Services for the photos in this Industrial IoT Customer Success Story.

What do You need to monitor?

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