UPDATE: The page below is from our legacy Android app. See this write-up for how to use Valarm Tools Cloud’s email alerts for Industrial IoT applications for water resources management, chemical distribution, asset and fleet tracking, anything your company needs to monitor.



A lot of Valarm customers use SMS/text, and obviously our web-based alerts (tools.valarm.net, which can also send email alerts). But Valarm Pro and Classic have also supported directly sending email alerts from the very first release, assuming the Valarm device is attached to the internet. This feature has never been the easiest to configure, especially if you’re using a free email service.

Today I stumbled upon this fantastically helpful list of SMTP settings for various public email services around the world:


Hope you have fun with that!

Please let us know how you’re using Valarm – whether it’s water tanks, solar arrays, sewage treatment, frozen fish, diesel generators, greenhouses, vineyards or crocodile eggs in incubators… we love hearing the Monitor Anything, Anywhere™ solutions our customers are inventing and implementing every day!