As an open platform, Valarm provides you with easy-to-use APIs. With our APIs you can integrate your Industrial IoT, telemetry, and remote sensor monitoring information into all of your business intelligence and analytics systems, like the Esri ArcGIS platform. We recently added a Valarm API ID / Key system that allows you to securely work with your mobile or stationary Valarm sensor data. You’ll find all of our APIs Documentation on the Valarm Tools Cloud APIs page.

Valarm Tools Cloud API Key ID Device Groups Sensors Industrial IoT 3-3There are 2 new APIs that use the API ID / Key pair:

Your Valarm API ID and Key can be generated and retrieved at any time after you’ve logged into Valarm Tools Cloud.

Simply click your account name in blue in the upper right then View your account, then Edit it and you’ll see the screen to the right where the API ID and Key are highlighted in a red polygon.

You’ll use both your API ID + Key to access your account level resources with the JSON API.

Valarm Tools Cloud API Key ID Device Groups Sensors Industrial IoT list of defined device groups 7

There’s an example above that shows what you get with the list of device groups API. You’ll see the device group ID for each device group. In this case there’s 1 device group with mobile / vehicle sensor data, like location, temperature, humidity, presence of cargo, doors opened or closed, water presence, and speed / velocity. See this write-up for more details on a Valarm package for monitoring and tracking trucks, trailers, and vehicles.

The other device group has stationary remote monitoring units like for monitoring tanks or water well levels and water flow rates / water usage. They’re Valarm telemetry sensor devices gathering data on a variety of environmental factors like water, air, fluids, and other assets. In addition to each device group ID you see it’s name, description, when the sensor group was created, and when it was last updated. You can use all of this JSON information in your software, scripts, or other programs to get a specific device group’s metadata details like you see below.

Valarm Tools Cloud API Key ID Device Groups Sensors Industrial IoT metadata device group details 6

Above are the device metadata details for each device in the remote environmental monitoring device group. You can change the URL to access the device group details for any of your devices by using the API ID, key, and device group ID. For instance we can change the group ID in the URL to the ID for the mobile, moving assets from above. Then Valarm Tools Cloud will return a list of all the devices in that group like vehicles, trucks, trailers, cars, and other mobile, Industrial IoT assets.

You can use this information on your website or ask us to help you build one! On our blog you’ll see how the Valarm APIs are integrated for showing real-time sensor data on maps and graphs. Here’s 2 examples of Valarm Industrial IoT, remote monitoring, and sensor APIs integrated with:

On our Industrial IoT Web Dashboards page you’ll see examples of packages we offer for showing your real-time, remote monitoring and telemetry information on a webpage. These webpages are viewable on any device with a web browser like an iPhone, Android phone or tablet, iPad, Windows machine, desktop, laptop, your watch, your neighbor’s watch, your neighbor’s dog’s watch, anything with a web browser!

Have a look at our Customer Stories page for use cases and examples of how customers are using Valarm APIs for effective decision-making, alerting, executive dashboards, real-time monitoring, and getting their remote sensor information into their business intelligence and analysis systems.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need a package to monitor your assets. Valarm can literally monitor anything, anywhere!