Our environment is constantly changing. Are water levels going up or down?

Water level risks depend on where you are, and as a safety precaution, Smart Cities in the USA have deployed flood warning systems to monitor real-time water levels with Industrial IoT sensors connected to Tools.Valarm.net.

We’re sharing this story with you from our friends at IoT For All. It’s a solid intro on how to monitor water levels with flood warning systems and Industrial IoT sensors.

When you’ve got a moment, have a gander at the article, which breaks down typical IoT water sensors our customers use, like:

  1. Guided wave radar level sensors
  2. Ultrasonic level sensors monitoring fluids and liquids
  3. Pressure transducers


How To Monitor Water Levels with Flood Warning Systems and Industrial IoT Sensors


While it can be challenging to deploy effective monitoring systems, these flood warning systems have been developed cooperatively with experts at universities, cities like Virginia Beach and Newport News, and organizations like Storm Sense.

These water monitoring systems take into account the interests of local governments that need to improve their flood response capabilities. Since these IoT water level sensors can be mounted to bridges or anywhere else, they enhance tidal and flood prediction when integrated with hydrodynamic flood modeling methods and forecasting abilities.

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