We recently got new cables in stock for using the Valarm Pro app with Valarm compatible external sensors! This cable lets you charge your Android device at the same time as it is plugged into environmental monitoring sensors, give you powerful yet cost-effective remote telemetry. This new, improved, custom Y cable has a 90-degree right angle connector – the cable goes to the RIGHT from the plug that goes into the bottom of the phone/tablet.

There’s a blue band on the latest Y cables, a.k.a., Micro USB Host OTG Y-Cable with Micro USB Power Charging for Samsung Phones. Technically, they let you do USB Host Mode On-The-Go (OTG) and charge your device: Android OTG+Charging.

Note: there are also Android OTG + Charge Y cables available for Sony devices like the Sony Xperia U ST25.

Valarm Samsung Y Cable USB OTG + Charge charging on-the-go simultaneous-4

New Valarm Y cable in action with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and a Yoctopuce VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) air quality sensor uploading sensor data in real-time to the Valarm Tools Cloud.


Transcript / Voiceover text:

This is a USB OTG Y cable. The Y cable allows your phone to talk to an external USB accessory like a sensor at the same time as charging your phone. Here is a Yoctopuce air quality sensor for Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs.

To use the Y cable you first plug in your power cable to the female micro USB port. Next you plug in your USB accessory like a sensor into the full size USB female port, note that you can also plug in a USB hub and attach to lots of USB devices. Then you plug the male micro USB end of the y cable into your phone, which is done here with a Samsung Galaxy S3. Notice that the phone has detected the USB sensor and is charging at the same time.

Here the Valarm Pro app has taken a reading from the sensor. Go back to the Valarm home screen where you can arm Valarm and now Valarm will upload your sensor data to http://tools.valarm.net and alert you via text message and email when the VOC threshold goes beyond your selected maximum.