Valarm Trucks With Trailer Monitoring Sensors at Warehouse Depot

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UPDATE: Industrial IoT meets Fleet Tracking! Below is from our legacy Android app. Click here to see our latest Fleet vehicle tracking solutions for industries like oil & gas, industrial cleaning services, chemical distribution, mining, and other transportation.



Your basic tracking needs are served affordably with This video shows you step-by-step how to use Valarm for vehicle / asset / fleet tracking.

For advanced purposes and special transport needs like cold chain monitoring, remember that you can use any supported sensors  to know the real-time environmental conditions of anything you are tracking such as its temperature, humidity, air quality, and more!

You’ll use the Valarm app in this do-it-yourself (DIY) tutorial to monitor the location of anything, anywhere. Click here for more info more about vehicle and fleet tracking with Valarm. Valarm does tracking for customers all around the world from the United States to Trinidad and Tobago, let us know where and how you’re using it!

Also, see the How To Use Valarm page for a step-by-step video on how to link your Valarm devices to the Valarm Tools Cloud [].


Here’s the script from the video:

Valarm is an app that uses GPS plus optional external and internal sensors to help you do tracking. The Valarm app can use sensors to collect temperature, humidity, and air quality information so you can track things like ice cream in vehicles and also know whether or not it’s melting while in transit, a.k.a. cold chain transport. You can upload all Valarm app data to Valarm Tools Cloud where you will see it on maps, graphs, perform analysis, and download your data. Today we will be using an affordable, dedicated Android device like this Huawei T-Mobile Comet to do basic vehicle tracking.

The first step is to get the Valarm app in the Google Play store. For automatic vehicle tracking you’ll want an accessory charger cable to plug into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter plug.

You’ll only need configure Valarm for vehicle tracking the first time you use it. To do this first launch the Valarm app then use the menu button to go to the all settings page then click the Basics button to go to the basic settings screen. At the top of the screen is an option for automatically arming and disarming Valarm on external power. You can click the question mark button next to this feature or any other Valarm feature to learn more about it. Since you are plugging the phone into the vehicle for power, enabling this option will mean Valarm is only armed and uploading location when the vehicle is on. When the vehicle is turned off Valarm is automatically disarmed and does not upload any data.

Back in the All Settings menu go to the Interval Timer, turn on the interval timer at the top of the screen, and use the sliders to set how often you would like for the vehicle location to be uploaded to For example you may want an update every 15 seconds or every minute.

Last, on the all settings page under web integration enable auto-sync alerts to web to automatically upload the vehicle’s location to, which you can access on any device with a web browser. See Valarm’s YouTube videos for a video about Linking Your Devices to Valarm Tools Web for more info on integrating your Valarm devices with the web.

Now back on the Valarm app’s home screen you’ll see green icons for sensors and responses that you enabled so plug in the device to the charger then you’re all all set for vehicle tracking. Whenever the vehicle is on the Valarm-equipped device uploads its data to the Valarm Tools website. In this demo you see the device automatically arming and disarming when the vehicle is turned on and off.

There are a lot of other Android devices out there that work well for vehicle tracking like this Samsung Dart or Sony Xperia U ST25.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions, comments, or ideas for another video. Happy tracking, y’all!