Happy Holidays from Valarm to everyone!  Here are some screenshots of Valarm on the road being used in Spain this week.  Valarm 1.0.1 on a Sony Xperia U ST25i with Android 4.0.4 collected this data.  The Xperia U ST25i is a nice, unlocked phone that can collect environmental (via USB and Yoctopuce) and OBD2 data with Valarm!


Below is a walk around Puerta del Sol in Madrid, Spain, where the country’s primary New Year’s celebrations take place.


Here’s Valarm data from a hike around El Chorro near Málaga, Spain, and the Caminito del Rey along with a lot of rock climbing.


Below is a 3-dimensional view of the mountains with the Valarm data using KML export and Google Earth!