Will you be at the Esri UC this year? We’re excited to share with you the latest in Industrial IoT and remote monitoring solutions at for our next conference, the Esri Arc GIS International User Conference! It’s in San Diego, California, at the end of this month. On the right you can see a video of our interactive, children’s museum style booth from last year’s Esri UC GIS conference. Click to play and watch the video to see how Real-Time GIS with Valarm + Esri is already a reality.

This year we’ll have interactive sensor demos and customer examples to show you how easy it is to deploy Industrial IoT for your remote monitoring / telemetry needs.

Since last year we’ve had an influx of customers monitoring water and air.

And there are customers monitoring high tech transport vehicles. Things like trucks with vacuums, tanks, pumps, generators, motors, and other industrial machinery and equipment. You could think of it as advanced fleet tracking where you and your customers need to know more than just the real-time location of a moving asset.

Valarm with Jack Dangermond at Esri Partner Conference Dev Summit 2015 Palm Springs CaliforniaGeoff Wade Valarm Esri Juggling EsriPUG 2015 2Once your geo-tagged sensor data is on  Tools.Valarm.net, you’ll get real-time alerts and see the info on maps and web-based dashboards. You can remotely monitor Industrial IoT information using your web browser on any mobile device, like your phone or laptop!

Come stop by our booth, Z25, at the San Diego convention center during the 2016 Esri GIS International User Conference. We probably won’t be juggling the clubs you see in the photo, instead we’ll be juggling all sorts of Industrial IoT sensors.

Valarm Industrial IoT Remote Monitoring Sensor Telemetry Real Time GIS Esri UC 2016 Edward Pultar Presentation Jacob Boyle Natural Resources IIoT Monitoring WaterEdward will be talking about Industrial IoT, remote monitoring, and sensor telemetry during the Monitoring Session at the Esri UC. It’ll happen on Wednesday, June 29, from 3:15pm – 4:30pm in Room 25 A/B in the San Diego Convention Center. You can check out the full info in the photo on the right or in the Agenda and Schedule on the Esri International User Conference Website or mobile app.

Our presentation will focus on Fluid and Water Monitoring Systems.

This includes monitoring things like water wells, water levels, flow meters, tank volumes, water quality, and water usage. If you want to learn more about how Industrial IoT sensor solutions will save you and your company both time and money… then join us at the presentation or stop by our booth, Z25, at any time in the Expo Hall!

Valarm Team Photo 2016 Industrial IoT Applications Remote Sensor Water Resources Management Monitoring Telemetry Solutions 800 490 customer storiesWe look forward to catching up with you, our current customers, and future customers at the end of the month in San Diego, California. The Esri UC is our biggest, funnest, and favorite conference of the year!


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve got any questions by sending us an email at Info@Valarm.net.

You can also dial us up on your phone and chat with us about Industrial IoT, remote sensor monitoring, and real-time telemetry. Our phone number is +1 (424) 442-0963.