Valarm Industrial IoT Remote Monitoring Sensor Solutions Water Air Quality Los Angeles CaliforniaWater supply, stormwater and clean water management are becoming inseparable. This inevitable inseparability and water being the Utility of the Future are highlighted in new initiatives by the U.S. Water Alliance with their “One Water Movement” and the “Utility of the Future initiative”, a collaboration by National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA), the Water Environment Federation (WEF), and the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF).

So where can we see a glimpse of the future? Brown and Caldwell say it is in Los Angeles, California.  Read their whole article here about the Utility of the Future.

The merge of water supply, stormwater and clean water management will require immense amounts of data. Data can no longer be collected solely by field technicians and costly over-built custom technology.  As devices get smaller, faster, smarter and more reliable and software tools are built to take in massive amounts of data for analysis, these types of initiatives are finally a real possibility. Effective water resources management is already being performed by governments, businesses and other organizations using Valarm’s cost-effective solutions.

If you work in an industry that does Monitoring of Water Flow, Quality, or Quantity, take a look at monitoring solutions used by Valarm customers around the world.

All of the Valarm information is easily visualized on any number of real-time web dashboards for immediate business insight at your fingertips. 

Easily see real-time water usage, flow meters, & water levels + volumes in water wells, tanks, ponds, lakes, and any other water container!

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