Recent press has brought exciting customers using for monitoring Industrial IoT sensors.

Our IoT customers are monitoring a variety of environmental and other things like:

We’re happy to be part of the Esri Emerging Business and Startups program and Valarm was recently featured in Esri ArcNews. The Fall 2014 article is titled “Start-up Apps Improve Emergency Management” and discusses the cost-effective yet powerful real-time, mobile sensor networks provided by


Valarm Press Sensor Monitor Real-time Telemetry remote environmental monitoring Esri ArcNews Magazine Fall 2014

Click here to see ArcNews Fall 2014 article featuring Valarm: “Start-up Apps Improve Emergency Management”


In January 2015 an article in Progressive Forage Grower magazine presented Valarm as a cost-effective solution for forage growers. The write-up, “Bailing hay: Technology you can afford”, tells the story of Jim and Connie Umble who reached out to us in 2014 for a remote humidity monitoring solution. Their Valarm solution tells them exactly when the humidity is between 45% – 48% so they can get out and bale their hay, whether it’s 3am or any other time of day/night!

Valarm Bailing Hay Sensor Monitor Humidity Temperature - Progressive Forage Grower Magazine January 2014

Click here to read the full story on using Valarm for agriculture, forage growing, and bailing hay!


Valarm was also featured in Esri News for State & Local Government in the New and Noteworthy section. The article highlighted the Valarm Tools Cloud platform for real-time sensor data collection and integration with Esri ArcGIS technology like the Esri GeoEvent Process for Server and Operations Dashboard.

Valarm Press Sensor Monitor Real-time Telemetry environmental monitoring Esri News for state local government spring 2014

Write-up on Valarm in New and Noteworthy (page 10) of Spring 2014’s Esri News for State & Local Government


You can see all of Valarm’s press on the Valarm in the Press page.

There’s also this article from 2 years ago when we first released Valarm and were really focused on getting the word out with press.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at if you’ve got any questions about effectively monitoring water or any other assets for your organization.