Monitoring Industrial IoT Sensor Systems

What’s In Your Monitoring Systems?

Measuring Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Soil Moisture, Water, Air, Light, And Other Sensors

In the images you’re seeing monitoring boxes that use Industrial IoT sensors to monitor various environmental factors.

Your real-time sensor information is uploaded to with Yoctopuce sensor hubs using mobile cell networks, ethernet, WiFi, or any other internet connectivity.

These Valarm boxes in the photos were made for Blue Apron, a sustainable farm to table grocery delivery service, with delicious recipes included.

Your organization can literally monitor anything, anywhere, from air quality, to mobile vehicles, trucks, and trailers with fluids and water, let us know what you need.

These remote environmental monitoring boxes have sensors to monitor the following environmental factors. Click any of the items in the list below to learn more about it:

What else is in a Valarm box for remotely monitoring Industrial IoT sensors? Here is more info on other key components for the Valarm box unit that control electrical power and Valarm Tools Cloud connectivity:



Whether you need to monitor water, air quality, bridges, hydraulics, fleet vehicles with industrial equipment, machinery, trucks, trailers, flood monitoring systems, or anything else, we’re happy to help your organization monitor anything, anywhere.

Have a look at our Customer Stories page for more examples of how is used by various industries to monitor things like:

Since is an open platform, your organization can remotely monitor sensors made by any hardware manufacturer around the world. You can use the sensor adapter standards above (like RS-232, Modbus, 4-20mA, and PWM) to cost-effectively monitor sensors made by anyone, like these customer favorites:

How can you, your teams, and your organization improve operations and benefit from effective Industrial IoT applications?

We’ll help you design and develop custom Web Dashboards to remotely monitor your sensor systems from any of your devices, like phones or tablets.

We’re happy to help your organization deploy your most effective remote monitoring systems for your specific needs.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us at if you’ve got any questions.