Remote environmental monitoring with Valarm Tools Cloud gives you real-time information about the environment. You can get Valarm connector hardware and sensors at and use Valarm APIs (e.g., JSON or CSV) to forward your sensor data to your endpoints. Valarm’s used for a wide variety of monitoring and sensor solutions in over 40 countries around the world to do things like:



Click here to see the Updated Video Tutorial on How To Make Industrial IoT Monitoring Units!


This video from Valarm’s YouTube channel shows you how to make your own remote environmental monitoring box (a parts list for the box is further down on this page, buy a ready to go remote monitoring packaged kit here if you don’t buy each part 1 at a time):

For you to build your own Industrial IoT remote sensor monitoring units like in the video and photos you’ll need:

Watch the video at the top of this page to see how to build your own remote environmental monitoring box.

Need to see your Industrial IoT information on a web dashboard viewable on your phone or tablet? Have a look at our real-time webpage dashboards for sensor telemetry monitoring water, air, tanks, and other industrial equipment!

See our Customer Stories Page for stories on how Valarm customers use Industrial IoT solutions in any industry like water usage / levels, tanks, air quality, and vehicles / high tech transport with industrial sensors like pumps and vacuums on trailers and trucks.



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