Who Won What?!?

You Want To Win?

Your Organization Wins When You Deploy Remote Monitoring Units with Tools.Valarm.net

Industrial Internet of Things / IoT sensors give you, your teams, and your organization an effective solution for monitoring your remote assets and environments. Remotely monitor anything, anywhere, like:

How are winning systems and units made for remote monitoring?

Around the interwebz and on our blog, we publish tutorials on remote monitoring with IoT – what our customers do and what we do for our customers.

Fortunately, 1 of our recent video HowTos won a prize in the Instructables Green Electronics contest! We’re excited to sport our prizes – t-shirt, coffee mug, bluetooth speaker system.

Our “prize-winning” tutorial shows you step-by-step how to make Industrial IoT boxes for remotely monitoring sensors with Tools.Valarm.net. Particularly how to integrate water sensors for monitoring remote water wells.

Take a gander at the Instructables write-up to see how your organization can use sensors from any sensor manufacturer to monitor air or water, like McCrometer or Foxboro/Schneider Electric for monitoring water usage and flow meters. And you can use any pressure transducers / water level sensors like those made by the wonderful folks at Flowline or In-Situ.

Tools.Valarm.net software is an open platform so you can use hardware made by Campbell Scientific, Vaisala, Decagon, Eno Scientific, or anyone else!


How will Industrial IoT help you and your organization to save time and money?

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us at Info@Valarm.net and we’ll help you deploy your most effective remote monitoring solutions.