How long can you live without air and water?

You may not know exactly, but it’s probably not very long.

You likely know that more toxins are become present in your air and water every day. And that too much water causes flooding, while too little water causes droughts. We can’t do much about it. Or can we?

Remote monitoring systems give you, your teams, your organization, and communities an easy, effective way know what’s going on at distant and close by locations.

For example, by remotely measuring water levels with flood monitoring systems, citizens are alerted with early warnings of water risks.

We need air and water to live each day. Yet millions of people die every year from poor air quality and pollution. How do Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and remote monitoring help keep you and your family safe?

Edward wrote this article about just that for the IoT Journal. In the write-up, you’ll learn how remote monitoring, along with Industrial IoT sensors, are deployed for monitoring air and water around our world. Take a gander at the story by clicking here.

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Whether you need to monitor water, air quality, bridges, hydraulics, fleet vehicles with industrial equipment, machinery, trucks, trailers, flood monitoring systems, or anything else, we’re happy to help your organization monitor anything, anywhere.

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Since is an open platform, your organization can remotely monitor sensors made by any hardware manufacturer around the world, like:

How can you, your teams, and your organization improve operations and benefit from effective Industrial IoT applications? Use custom Web Dashboards to remotely monitor your sensor systems from any of your devices, like phones or tablets.

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