Were You at this year’s Esri Arc GIS User Conference in San Diego, California?

There were over 17,000 wonderful folks from all over the world. At our booth we met people working in various industries like natural resources, state and local governments, water / fluids management, chemical distribution, machinery, agriculture, asset tracking, air quality / pollution, smart cities, water levels and flooding management and other verticals where remotely monitoring Industrial IoT sensors is saving time and money for organizations like yours.

For years now, we’ve been in the field helping our Industrial IoT customers solve real challenges with remote monitoring. At this year’s Esri UC we saw a continued, growing need for automated systems that monitor air quality, pollution, and water.

Specifically, folks that stopped by the Valarm booth wanted to learn more about how to use Tools.Valarm.net for things like:




At our booth we chatted with a variety of folks – in English, Spanish, German, and Polish.

We demo’d Tools.Valarm.net and showed some integrated Industrial IoT equipment like an Ingenu LPWAN network Access Point (AP), Flowline fluid and water level sensors, flow meters, air quality sensors, Decagon soil moisture sensors, pressure transducers, Signal Craft Technologies (SCT) Canary remote monitoring units, and other fun gadgets.

We also shared real-time, live and interactive demos of remote monitoring equipment we had at our booth like Industrial IoT sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, and light.

During the week, Edward gave a couple presentations and talked about how Tools.Valarm.net customers are improving their organization’s operations, saving time and money.

You can see in the photos in this story that quite a number of attendees showed up at the presentations. We were pleasantly surprised and humbled by all of the interest in GIS, Industrial IoT sensors, and remote monitoring.

Each of our sessions was full and finished with a lively discussion with the audience and excellent Question and Answer time to wrap it all up.

The Esri UC is our biggest, favorite conference of the year. It’s always exciting and this year’s episode was no exception. After quite a few consecutive years going to this show, we reflect on it afterwards and realize it’s more and more valuable each and every year.





Want to learn more about how remotely monitoring Industrial IoT sensors saves time and money for your organization?

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