supports just about any sensor for any factor you can think of, made by any sensor manufacturer. This allows for easy, cost-effective monitoring of practically any environment. One specific monitoring application that we’ve been asked about consistently by our customers is – “How do I monitor moisture?”

This blog post addresses that specific issue for monitoring water presence / absence or moisture of any type. In the write-up we’ll show you how easy it is to use a standard, widely available rope moisture sensor with Valarm Tools Cloud to detect moisture.

The system that we have put together is very similar to others that we’ve documented in our blog. As one can see the hardware that we’ve chosen allows you to quickly and easily interchange, amend, and add to existing Valarm remote monitoring systems.

Valarm Tools Cloud Remote Monitoring Sensor Solutions Box Deployment Rope Moisture Water Detection SensorYou can see the Valarm Moisture Monitoring Solution in the photo on the right. The specific details of how you do moisture monitoring and fluid detection are described in the rest of this write-up. Core pieces of the Valarm Moisture Monitoring Solution include:

Once the system was built we extended out the rope sensor alongside a wall where we wanted to monitor moisture events.

In the photo below you’ll see the rope sensor that was coiled up in the earlier picture is now extended out to its full length and attached at both ends with some colorful duct tape.
The sensor cable, or “extension rope”, continues for about 50 or so feet to allow for easy deployment of the sensor itself. The extension rope of the sensor screws right into the Yocto Knob sensor.

Valarm Tools Cloud Remote Monitoring Sensor Solutions Box Deployment Rope Moisture Water Detection Sensor On GroundThe Yocto Knob has five channels that you can connect, so you can easily monitor 5 of these rope moisture / liquid / water sensors with just 1 Yocto Knob! Alternatively, you can deploy additional Yocto Knob compatible sensors and monitor a variety of remote factors like:

  • Switches on or off
  • Doors open or closed
  • Fluid detection
  • Liquid presence / absence
  • Soil moisture
  • Lid shut or open

The Yocto Knob sensor adapter connected to rope moisture sensors allows you to monitor numerous surfaces, such as:

  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Joints between planes
  • Truck beds
  • Corners
  • Crevices
  • Trailers & Beds

Valarm Tools Cloud Remote Monitoring Sensor Solutions Box Deployment Rope Moisture Water Detection Sensor Pouring Example 1The place where we tested this moisture rope sensor didn’t have an active leak, so we simulated a water leak for water contact. You can see in the photo on right where we poured about 1 cup of water onto the moisture sensor / detector. You’ll see the sensor readings from this 1st pour in the graph / chart below where there’s the first drop on the graph.

The second pour of water was just a little more than a cup, and you can see the result of that pour as the second drop in the chart!

We poured the water on the same spot for this demo. However, we ran other tests where we poured water across the entire rope, on spots across the rope, and we even dipped the rope entirely into a pool of water! This wasn’t just a soaking of the rope – it’s a total immersion of the rope in water.

The sensor reacted appropriately to all of our tests. The rope moisture sensor that we worked with comes in a number of lengths, so it is likely that you will be able to find one that fits your exact needs. We’ll deploy these at a number Valarm customer installations across a number of industries where Valarm’s used, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Construction & Facilities
  • Pharmaceuticals


Valarm Tools Cloud Remote Monitoring Sensor Solutions Box Deployment Rope Moisture Water Detection Sensor Graph Chart Sensors Data


Note that this moisture sensor rope requires time to dry after it’s been wet. You’ll see this in the sensor data graph above. After the second pour of water the reading slowly starts to creep up over time

The time it takes for the reading come back to normal will be dependent on the conditions where your Valarm devices are deployed and how quickly evaporation happens in your environment.

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Remember that your organization can use sensors made by any manufacturer to remotely monitor air quality, water, vehicles, industrial equipment, assets, flooding risks / warning alerts, or anything, anywhere!

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