Update: Note that this blog post is from our legacy app.

You, your teams, and your organization will save your time and your money by integrating Tools.Valarm.net with Industrial IoT monitoring systems.

We recommend that you use Industrial IoT sensor hubs and sensors from Shop.Valarm.net.

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Valarm Screenshot Customizable Trigger Names-1

Valarm Pro App Customizable Trigger Names.

Tools.Valarm.net is being put to work monitoring crocodile eggs in Darwin, Australia. More on that later, version v1.2.4 of the Valarm mobile app includes these new features:

  • Customizable trigger names ( Your Industrial IoT sensors are available on Shop.Valarm.net )
  • Settable device nickname for SMS/Text & Email alerts
  • Start-on-Boot option
  • Restart Mode option

Customizable trigger names: Found under Trigger Renaming in All Settings. This screen allows you to rename a Trigger as it appears in SMS/Text messages and Emails. These names DO NOT affect the names used on Tools.Valarm.net, if you are utilizing Valarm web integration.

For example, an SMS might say “Trigger: Resistance01 MAX” when channel 1 of a Yocto-Knob IoT sensor device triggers the max threshold as set by you, or perhaps when the Yocto-Knob switch is opened, if you have set the mode “Open triggers MAX”.But you might prefer it to say something that makes more sense for your application, for example “Door 2 Opened” or “Dining Room Light ON”.

In the case of 4-20mA sensor support you could configure messages to say “H2S2 Level Dangerous” instead of “4-20ma 01 MAX”, in the case you are measuring Hydrogen Disulfide with a 4-20mA sensor on channel 1.

Settable device nickname for SMS/Text & Email alerts: Found under SMS/Remote Control and Email Alerts settings. You can enter a short nickname/identifier for this device. This nickname will be used ONLY in SMS/text and Email messages sent by Valarm. If you do not enter a nickname here, the nickname entered in the Web Integration settings will be used. If neither nickname is set, the name ‘Valarm’ will be used in all SMS/text and Email.

Valarm Screenshot Advanced GPS Settings Start On Boot Restart Mode

New Start on Boot & Restart Mode Features.

Start on Boot: Found under Advanced/GPS options. Enabling this option will cause Valarm’s background service to be started whenever the device (phone/tablet/etc) is rebooted or powered on. When used in combination with ‘Restart Mode’ you can use this option to automatically launch and Arm Valarm in the background, whenever the device is turned on. If ‘Show Alarm Toast’, and ‘Android Notifications’ and ‘Alert Sound’ are disabled (under the Basic Settings screen), Valarm will simply run silently in the background. If the background service is started, Valarm will also be able to receive SMS Remote Control messages to Arm/Disarm, etc.

*IMPORTANT NOTE*: If you manually kill Valarm (e.g. Force Stop in the Android application manager), you must manually launch Valarm again at least once before it will automatically run on system reboots. This is a security feature of the Android operating system intended to prevent a malicious app from silently running in the background without the user ever ‘authorizing’ it by running at least once.

Restart Mode: Found under Advanced/GPS options. The Restart Mode allows you to decide whether/how Valarm will automatically ARM (or not) when it is launched and was not already running. The default is ‘Disarmed’ – this means if you start Valarm and it was not already running in the background, it will start up as DISARMED. ‘Armed’ means that Valarm will automatically ARM whenever it is launched ‘from scratch’ – in other words if Valarm was NOT running in the background, and is launched, it will immediately Arm itself.

‘As-Before’ means that if Valarm WAS running and was ARMED, and then was killed (either the device was turned off, restarted, crashed, or Valarm was explicitly killed with a task-manager), this mode will cause Valarm to ARM immediately upon restart. If Valarm was DISARMED before the shutdown/kill/crash, then Valarm will REMAIN disarmed upon restart. ‘As-Before’ also respects the Arming Delay (under ‘Basic Settings’) setting IF Valarm was counting-down (‘Arming’) when it was killed. However upon restart the Arming Delay countdown will restart from the beginning.