SonyXperiaUST25iCold chain monitoring means your asset needs to stay in a specific temperature range. Even though recently our biggest industries are water, fluid, and tank monitoring, cold chain has been an appropriate fit for Valarm sensor and monitoring solutions since our software’s early days. Vaccines are one example of something important that needs to be temperature controlled in order for it to maintain usability. Particularly in this blog post you’ll see how Valarm is used to monitor the ebola vaccine.

The Valarm Pro Android app is used to monitor the ebola vaccine and make sure it’s kept at a proper temperature in order for the vaccine to maintain its effectiveness. As you probably know, ebola is scary stuff, so we’re happy to work with Intellectual Ventures and develop a solution that’s cost-effective, mobile, and accurate. Thus far this ebola vaccine temperature & cold chain monitoring solution has been demo’d to the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)!

Specifically, this solution uses Valarm software with thermocouple sensors to monitor remote temperatures and alert personnel as appropriate. Remote Valarm sensor data can be sent via text message or geo-tagged and uploaded via any internet connection to Valarm Tools Cloud to map, graph, analyze, export, and forward sensor data in real-time via APIs to the system(s) of your choosing.

Ebola vaccine monitoring – a simple, easy, and rapidly deployable Valarm application! Honestly it’s not something we immediately thought of when we decided to make Valarm years ago after my brother Lorenzo’s motorcycle was stolen, but hey we say you can monitor anything, anywhere with Valarm and we truly mean it.

With Valarm software being used for cost-effective remote monitoring in over 45 countries around the world, you’ll see the large diversity of things Valarm is monitoring in our blog. However, we think this one’s pretty cool and quite unique. We feel really fortunate to help make a difference in the world and save people’s time, money, and most importantly – their lives.

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Valarm Pro app with thermocouple temperature sensors