Water levels are rising on the coasts all across the USA and the rest of the world.

When government organizations, businesses, or anyone else needs effective water level monitoring systems, they turn to Tools.Valarm.net

During the epic times of the Coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic, Lorenzo traveled to Virginia to work with teams of engineers and scientists to install flood warning systems.

In this blog story, you’re looking at photos of the cross-country trip to work with our customers and government agencies in cities like Virginia Beach and Newport News on the East Coast of the states.

We enjoy working side by side, hand in hand with our customers, whether it’s virtual collaborations or physical site visits.

These flood warning systems have the following key Industrial IoT components:

  • Water Level Sensors (e.g., integrating ultrasonic or radar sensor technologies)
  • Solar Panels (to keep the systems powered)
  • Batteries (to store power and energy generated by the solar panels)
  • Solar Charge Controllers (for power distribution and maintaining the systems with electricity by sending power as needed between sensors, solar panels, batteries, and sensor hubs
  • Industrial IoT Sensor Hubs (e.g., WiFi, GSM, Ethernet, or Verizon CDMA for uploading water monitoring data to Tools.Valarm.net)
  • 4-20 mA Sensor Adapters for measuring raw sensor output from industry standard water level sensors

Lorenzo was in the field for a week working with the Smart Cities of Virginia Beach and Newport News in the great state of Virginia.

We work with engineers, researchers, professors, academics, and other government agency employees to ensure that flood warning systems are safely and properly deployed for rugged environments.

Since Tools.Valarm.net is an open, flexible cloud SaaS platform, our customers use any combination of hardware made by any hardware manufacturer.

This flexibility allows our customers to deploy a maximum quantity of cost-effective sensor systems that fit their budget.

Over the years, our customers have installed a wide variety of monitoring solutions, like these flood warning systems and other Industrial IoT applications like:

Whether you need to monitor water levels, flow meters, tank levels, water usage, water quality, water wells, or anything else, we’ll help you, your teams, and your organization deploy effective monitoring systems.

Get in touch with us at Info@Valarm.net and we’ll let you know if Tools.Valarm.net is a good fit for you.