Water monitoring systems come in many flavors, shapes, and sizes.

Whether you need to monitor wells, flow meters, water usage, groundwater aquifer health, water levels, flood warning systems, or anything else, we’ll help your organization deploy your most effective monitoring systems.

Tools.Valarm.net is an open platform made for your remote monitoring needs. With Industrial IoT a.k.a. M2M a.k.a. sensor telemetry, you’ll improve your business operations and the effectiveness of your organization.

Take a gander at the video above to see Industrial IoT applications from our customers monitoring piezometers, vibrating wire transducers, and things like:



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Video Voiceover / Transcript:

Howdy, this is Edward from Valarm.

In this video you’ll see how Tools.Valarm.net remotely monitors piezometers and vibrating wire transducers.

You’re seeing deployments remote monitoring systems that measure piezometer sensor readings.

Piezometers are critical for Industrial IoT applications for various industries that need to monitor our environment and things like levees, wells, and bridges.

The piezometers you’re seeing here are measuring pressure and water. Tools.Valarm.net is an open software platform, which means you can use sensors made by any hardware manufacturer. You’re seeing Geokon brand piezometers in these deployments with the state government of California, Department of Water Resources (DWR).

Geokon piezometers and Tools.Valarm.net are also used to evaluate bridge expansion joints for structural health monitoring.

With these cost-effective water monitoring systems you can map, graph, analyze, API forward, and alert, all in real-time.

Whether you need to monitor water, piezometers, wells, CH4 / methane gas, noise, sound, groundwater levels, flow meters, tanks, flood warning systems, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to talk to me at Info@Valarm.net. I’m here, ready and happy to help you, your teams, and your organization deploy your most effective monitoring systems.