Edward from Valarm demo’ing real-time sensor and monitoring solutions where the workshop participants were able to to interact with live sensors

In June 2014, Valarm and Esri put on a workshop in Spain on mobile, ad-hoc, real-time sensors. There was a wide variety of participants from different European and South American countries.

The full-day workshop was part of the AGILE 2014 conference hosted at Universitat Jaume I in Castellón de la Plana, part of the Valencia community in Spain.

During the morning part of the workshop covered the basics of remote environmental monitoring, sensor networks, and we discussed multiple use cases and stories where Valarm is used. The rest of the day focused on the attendee’s specific interests in sensors.

Example Industrial IoT applications of interest included using sensors to monitor flood warning systems, electricity, Smart Water, transportation, parking, bicycles, traffic, disasters, real-time data mining, real-time analysis, weather, temperature, humidity, pressure, wind, renewable energy, human behavior, and agriculture.

In other words – a wide variety topics! Luckily, Valarm really lets you easily and cost-effectively monitor anything, anywhere, so we were able to come up with solutions for the variety of interests.

We rapidly deployed a Valarm sensor network in the workshop with sample sensors for CO2, VOCs, temperature, humidity, pressure, and light. Each of the workshop participants interacted with the Valarm sensors. For example, they breathed on the VOC & CO2 sensors and covered the light sensor.

Once we had the real-time, live sensor data uploaded to, we used the various web-based Valarm tools to map, graph, and analyze the geo-tagged sensor data.

Then we used our APIs to retrieve the latest sensor data in JSON, KML, CSV, and GeoRSS formats. Workshop attendees tied this real-time sensor data into existing systems and code they had used previously.

Overall, Valarm’s first conference workshop outside of the USA was a wonderful experience. I’m often impressed at the creative ideas people come up with for how to use in their monitoring solutions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions.

Next up is the A&WMA (Air and Waste Management Association) 107th Annual Conference in Long Beach where Valarm will be helping you find solutions for your sensor needs at the Esri booth (June 24-27, 2014). After that is the Esri User Conference in San Diego, the big one.

We’ll have a booth in the Startups zone and a demo station in the Esri Operations Dashboard area. We’ll also be speaking and demo’ing at several mini-events and special interest gatherings throughout the conference, see you there!



API demo with air and water quality sensor measurements from the workshop