Remotely Monitoring Industrial IoT Sensors for Real-Time Telemetry with 3G GSM Sensor Hubs

Valarm Tools Cloud Industrial IoT Remote Monitoring Sensor Telemetry Yoctopuce 3G GSM Sensors Hub Connector Real Time IIoT ApplicationsYou’re looking at 3G GSM sensor hubs on this page. Sensor hubs are the central brains that connect to all of your sensors and regularly send your remote sensor telemetry information, as often as you need it, to Valarm Tools Cloud –

Valarm compatible Sensor Hubs connect to all of your sensors, e.g., e.g. rain sensors, soil moisture sensors, temperature, humidity, pressure, and light.

A GSM sensor hub uses a GSM mobile cell network (e.g., AT&T or T-Mobile in the states) to send your Industrial IoT sensor information to Valarm Tools Cloud – If it makes more sense for your deployment scenarios, there are also Wireless WiFi sensor hubs and ethernet sensor hubs available.

Valarm Blue Apron Remote Monitoring Industrial IoT Sensor Telemetry Agriculture Ag Soil Moisture Water Air Quality Temperature Humidity Light highlight 3G GSM Sensors HubNote: This page is a detailed breakdown of 1 critical component in solar-powered, Valarm remote monitoring units. Click here to go back to the home page of “What’s In A Valarm Industrial IoT Box??” and finalize all the rest of the pieces you need for Industrial IoT with Valarm Tools Cloud.

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