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Watch the video above, which is Episode II in our product overview series of features available for your organization.

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Valarm Tools Cloud features covered in this video help your organization to save your time and save your money with remote monitoring and Industrial IoT.

Here’s a list of software features demo’d in the video above:


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Video Transcript / Voiceover:

Howdy! This is Edward from Valarm. In this video you’ll see an overview of features from, a.k.a., Valarm Tools Cloud. With Valarm Tools Cloud you can remotely monitor your industrial assets and sensors. You can literally monitor anything, anywhere with Industrial IoT solutions.

Once your mobile or stationary Valarm units are deployed in the field you can use features to effectively manage your assets and monitor things like air quality, tanks, water, fluids, flooding + smart cities, and fleet vehicles like trucks and trailers loaded up with industrial equipment.

You can set up SMS Text Message alerts on so you’ll instantly receive messages whenever any sensors, like air quality, temperature, or humidity, go above, below, within, or outside of your custom range. You’ll get real-time alerts wherever you are whenever your industrial assets or environmental conditions are not exactly what you want. Now that you can remotely monitor effectively, you’ve got true situational awareness from anywhere in the world.

Many industrial standard sensors, like 4-20mA and 0-10V, provide you with raw sensor values. However, you want the real world translation. A reading of 5.2 mA means how much water is in 1 of your water wells or how much product do you have left in each of your tanks? With the Linear Scalers feature on you can set what your raw sensor’s range is and what that correspond to in real world values. For example, perhaps your 0-10 Volt air quality sensor scales from 0 – 500 ppm of a specific gas like ozone / O3 or nitrogen oxides / NOx.

When you’re monitoring industrial containers like tanks then you’ll likely want to know how much volume of product you’ve got at any time. Raw sensors can give you the height of how much fluid, liquid, or water is in a container, and the Valarm Tools Cloud feature for automatic volume calculations gives you your real-time, real world volume values in the units you care about, like gallons or liters. Whether you’ve got tanks that are vertical cylinders, horizontal ellipses, rectangular, or horizontal cylinders on mobile trucks and trailers, you’ll get the current volume and receive alerts whenever you want them, like when your tanks are about empty and need a refill, so you’re always ready with product for your customers and teams in your organization.

Once you’ve got your sensor data in the clouds, how do you keep it organized? You’ll want to rename your raw sensor data from industrial standards sensors like 4-20mA and 0-10V. On you can make aliases and custom names for your sensor fields so they make sense to you, your teams, and your customers. Just like the air quality sensor information you see in this example where the particulate matter sensor info from an optical particle counter is properly organized as PM1, PM2.5, and PM10.

Do you need to integrate your remote monitoring and Industrial IoT sensor information with your favorite Business Intelligence and Analytics systems? Using our APIs you can connect your Valarm sensor info with your BI / Business Intelligence / Business Analytics. integrates the Esri ArcGIS platform so you can quickly and easily use GIS with your GPS-tagged mobile sensors. Simply link your account with your Valarm Tools Cloud account and you’ll harness the power of GIS + Industrial IoT.

Valarm Tools Cloud integrates Esri 3D earth globe maps to give you and your teams access to compelling visualizations and GIS analysis tools. Use 3D GIS features and a variety of base maps to locate hot spots and gain an understanding of your GPS-tagged sensors, like the air quality information you’re currently seeing, which comes from Valarm units we made with Southern California Air Quality Management District, a.k.a., AQMD, to remotely monitor specific gases like ozones and nitrogen oxides, as well as particulate matter like PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 around Southern California, like the Los Angeles, California, basin you see here in 3D on

Have a look at to see for yourself what you can do. Make a free account, quickly learn more about the features you want, and use our APIs to make real-time web dashboards for remotely monitoring Industrial IoT sensors, or anything else you need. has the hardware you need to connect to Valarm Tools Cloud, like sensor hubs and sensors.

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