Testing Valarm’s Yocto-Knob support with a Force-Sensitive Resistor (FSR), 25ohm rheostat/potentiometer, and a basic photo-resistor.

Valarm compatible sensors are available at Shop.Valarm.net.

You can monitor Industrial IoT sensors made by any hardware manufacturer with Tools.Valarm.net. We’ve released v1.1.0* of Valarm Pro,  which includes support for the incredibly fun and useful Yocto-Knob sensor†. This sensor allows you to monitor and record the status of up to 5 potentiometers. This includes normal rheostats/potentiometers, as well as buttons, switches, and any sensor which operates by altering resistance.

This also includes force-sensitive resistors (FSR) and garden variety (read: really cheap) photo-resistors. You can use these sensors/switches/dials to trigger alerts and/or record the conditions of a variety of cool stuff you might need to monitor. All without any programming whatsoever: just connect sensors to your sensor hubs and away you go.

We’ll continue to put up some new posts about the Yocto-Knob electrical resistance sensor as well as a series of how-to blog entries showing how you can use this flexible device, as well as other Industrial IoT sensors from Shop.Valarm.net, for really cool real-life applications like:

These are just a few ideas that come to mind when you realize that buttons, switches, knobs and resistive sensors are all easily monitored with Valarm Pro and the Yocto-Knob.

* This release of Valarm also included v1.0.2 of Valarm Classic, which fixes a bug on devices that have no GPS hardware whatsoever.

† Yocto-Knob’s new “frequency counter” mode is not yet supported. But we’ll definitely get to that in a future release