How does your organization remotely monitor your industrial assets, machinery, and other equipment?

In the photos you’ll see how is used to remotely monitor hydraulics systems with Industrial IoT sensors measuring things like:

Hydraulics companies like Micron Eagle are businesses that provide you with effective fluid power systems. As you can see in the pictures, Industrial IoT customers have a variety of industrial equipment, gauges, and machinery to monitor.

How do you monitor various hardware, machinery, and sensors from all over your world? Fortunately, Industrial IoT sensors measure industry standards that have been around for decades.

This means you can use to easily and quickly install remote monitoring systems, that measure just about any sensor manufacturer or brand. The secret sauce is open compatibility by integrating and supporting international sensor standards like:

How’s the equipment configured for monitoring? Sensor hubs were simply connected to following these steps. Then sensor adapters  attached to machinery, equipment, flow meters, and any other hardware that needs to be monitored.

Last up, take a gander at the custom Web Dashboard we designed with our customer to fit their specific needs for remote monitoring systems measuring industrial equipment, machinery, hydraulics, pumps, pressures, and temperatures.

Lessons learned:

  • Make sure you’ve got your manuals handy for each sensor you need to monitor with This way you can quickly see which wires connect to where on your sensor adapters, like ground and 23V on 4-20mA sensor adapters, and pulses and pull-ups on PWM sensor adapters.
  • Keep it simple. If you’re deploying stationary monitoring systems like these then use ethernet sensor hubs to send your sensor information to You could use WiFi, 3G GSM mobile cell networks, or other IoT networking technologies, but we love to work with our customers to make sure they deploy the most effective monitoring systems for specific environments.
  • Make it easy and rapidly deployable. Do everything you can to make each component standardized, clean, and functional for its specific task.



Would you like to see more remote monitoring and Industrial IoT Use Cases, Customer Stories, and Case Studies?

Take a gander at our Customer Stories page and our remote sensor monitoring dashboards. is an open platform so your organization can remotely monitor sensors made by just about any hardware manufacturer, like Flowline Level Sensors, Geokon Vibrating Wire / Piezometers/ Transducers, Hydreon Rain Sensors, and Senix Level Sensors.

Whether you need to monitor water wells, air, flooding warning systems, or anything else, we’ll help you, your teams, and your organization deploy your most effective remote monitoring systems.

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