tools-valarm-net-valarm-tools-cloud-industrial-iot-remote-monitoring-sensor-telemetry-air-quality-mit-kigali-rwanda-africa-pm2-5-vocs-3-1tools-valarm-net-valarm-tools-cloud-industrial-iot-remote-monitoring-sensor-telemetry-air-quality-mit-kigali-rwanda-africa-pm2-5-vocs-6How can you monitor air quality cost-effectively and quickly with


Your organization can use / Valarm Tools Cloud to monitor any air quality factors, like specific gases, O3 / Ozone, H2S / Hydrogen Sulfide, NOx / Nitrogen Oxides, SO2 / Sulfur Dioxide, dust, particles like PM1, PM2.5, PM10, and any other air quality information you need.

tools-valarm-net-valarm-tools-cloud-industrial-iot-remote-monitoring-sensor-telemetry-air-quality-mit-kigali-rwanda-africa-pm2-5-vocs-2-1Recently a researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology / MIT university, Langley Dewitt, used Valarm software to monitor air quality in Africa. Langley’s air quality research is in Africa – Kigali, Rwanda, where mobile air quality sensors monitor these air pollution factors:

The GPS-tagged, air quality sensor information was collected by SafeMotos motorcycle taxi drivers in Kigali, Rwanda. You can see the backpacks that Langley and her teams put together with the air quality sensors in the photos.

What all is in those snazzy sweet backpacks?!?!? Here are the key components from for each of the Valarm air quality monitoring units in the backpacks you see in the pictures:

tools-valarm-net-valarm-tools-cloud-industrial-iot-remote-monitoring-sensor-telemetry-air-quality-mit-kigali-rwanda-africa-pm2-5-vocs-1tools-valarm-net-valarm-tools-cloud-industrial-iot-remote-monitoring-sensor-telemetry-air-quality-mit-kigali-rwanda-africa-pm2-5-vocs-4-1The maps that Langley made visualize the final air quality sensor information collected by the research team from MIT while working with folks in Kigali, Rwanda.

You’ll see 1 map is of PM2.5 / Particulate Matter of 2.5 micrometers, μg/m³. The other map is VOCs / Volatile Organic Compounds in ppm.

Huge thank yous go out to SafeMotos in Kigali, Rwanda, and Langley Dewitt from Massachusetts Institute of Technology / MIT for making this all possible!

Thanks again to Langley for the pictures as well as the maps of VOCs / Volatile Organic Compounds and Particulate Matter / PM2.5 in Africa.

UPDATE: Have a look at this video overview of this story on for Air Quality Monitoring in Kigali, Rwanda, Africa!



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The 3D earth globe air quality visualizations you see here are from and air quality monitoring boxes we made with South Coast Air Quality Monitoring District, a.k.a. SC-AQMD or AQMD.

AQMD is the California government agency responsible for air quality monitoring and compliance in Los Angeles, Orange County, and the majority of Southern California.

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