UPDATE: Click here to see an article on remote monitoring with Valarm in Progressive Forage Grower magazine – “Bailing hay: Technology you can afford”

Tools.Valarm.net is being used by a variety of commercial farmers that we’re aware of, including vineyards, alfalfa, and strawberries. We thought you might like to see the difference between a Valarm-based Temperature/Humidity monitor vs. the previous “state of the art”.

These photos below are a vineyard weather monitoring system that cost nearly $5000 to install, and $60/month to run and monitor. Not to mention $150 they charge every other year to replace the (totally ordinary and worth $30) sealed lead acid battery!


Note that your remote environmental monitoring solutions come in at a tenth the price! Below are pictures of a Valarm deployment used by an alfalfa farmer in Nebraska to know when to bale hay.

By monitoring Industrial IoT sensors with Tools.Valarm.net, they know the exact humidity in the fields and receive an alert from Valarm whenever the humidity goes above or below a custom threshold, e.g., 45% – 48% humidity. This deployment also demonstrates Valarm’s flexibility to be powered by solar panels or simply a 12V deep cycle marine battery or even a combination of the two!

Tools.Valarm.net is an open platform that lets you choose the best way for you to gather sensor data, power the system, and upload real-time data to the cloud.

Simple, flexible, and cost-effective – look at the difference of what’s inside the 2 environmental monitoring boxes above and below.


Have a gander at our Industrial IoT Customer Success Stories for more info on how to serve your monitoring needs.

Whether you need to monitor water, flood warning systems, or anything else, we’re here to help you, your teams, and your organization save your time and money with effective IoT sensor monitoring solutions.

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