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Analytical Mapping: lets you see paths, distances, average speeds, stopped time, idle time, and coverage areas.

You can view your Industrial IoT sensor information on Esri ArcGIS street, satellite, Open Street Map, National Geographic, and more maps of all of your IoT devices with Valarm Tools Cloud. Whether you’re monitoring water, air quality, vehicles, tanks, equipment, assets, or anything else, seeing it on a map makes sense for you, your teams, and your organization’s decision-making.

Command Center: Real-time tracking of devices on If a device has cell network service and is set to upload its current location.

3D GIS Earth Globes: You can use Esri ArcGIS 3D Map Visualizations with your Industrial IoT applications. Remotely monitor sensors in real-time on 3D globes. Customize your colors, heights, sensor values and variables.

Valarm Tools Cloud API Key ID Device Groups Sensors Industrial IoT 3-3

Valarm API ID / Key for Accessing Account Level Sensor, Monitoring, and Industrial IoT Resources:

As an open platform, Valarm provides you with easy-to-use APIs. With our APIs you can integrate your Industrial IoTtelemetry, and remote sensor monitoring information into all of your business intelligence and analytics systems, like the Esri ArcGIS platform.

The Valarm API ID / Key system that allows you to securely work with your mobile or stationary Valarm sensor data. Example APIs that use the API ID / Key pair:

Time at Threshold Totalizer

  • How long has your asset (e.g., generator) been running?
  • Since when was the freezer temperature above 0C/32F?
  • Has your asset been operating for a critical number of hours over the last month?
  • Time to run the recommended maintenance routine?
  • How much time passed while that switch was flipped on?

These are some critical remote monitoring and Industrial IoT questions. You can easily answer these with the Time at Threshold Totalizer feature.

Monitoring Water Usage & Flow with Valarm Tools Cloud Totalizers

Effective Water Resources Management – with the Totalizer feature, keeps track of water flow and how much water gets used by you or your customers. You, your teams, and your organization can quickly and easily monitor groundwater, pumps, and flow meters from any of your devices, like your phone or tablet. And you can customize threshold alerts like SMS text messages or e-mail.

Have a look at this customer story of Remote Water Well Telemetry using a Real-Time Web Dashboard to see Monitor Water Levels and Flow Meters.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) for Vehicles, Trucks, and Trailers with Cloud Mapping Integration

Monitoring vehicle and trailer tire pressures in real-time saves you time, money, and lives since driving with under-inflated tires increases your risk for dangerous events like:

  • Tire failures
  • Less tread life
  • Less fuel efficiency

We’ve integrated Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) into This allows you to monitor the tire pressure and tire temperature on any tires in real-time. These sensors screw onto each tire and wirelessly send the latest information to the TPMS base unit via radio.

The TPMS base unit then connects to a Valarm sensor hub / connector device via RS-232. The TPMS is just 1 of many sensors and factors that you can monitor with Valarm. This article is a follow-up to the general vehicle, truck, and trailer tracking story with a bunch of sensors for monitoring things like presence of cargo, doors opening / closing, water or fluid presence.

Device Groups: Organize your devices into groups. You may create as many groups as you need, and devices may be placed into any number of groups, for totally flexible organization and visualization.

Device Manager: Control your fleet of Valarm devices, changing their descriptions, color (for visualization tools), enabled/disabling, and managing subscription credits (set expiration dates).

Device Details: View raw data from any of your Valarm devices, using a search tool. Plot graphs for the various sensors, and download your search results for further analysis.

Download Valarm data in .csv or .kml format from Valarm Tools and perform advanced analysis in any other program such as a GIS (1, 2), Excel, Google Earth, or ask us about data analysis consulting options.

Email Alerts: Your Device Manager will allow you to setup email alerts for each registered device.

Multi-User Account Sharing + Management with Valarm Tools Cloud: You have a Valarm account, and now you wish that you could have another user manage and / or view your devices. This would be a very handy feature would it not? Yes, it would. That’s why Valarm already allows you to do just that! Allow any number of authorized users to access your Valarm devices. Your users simply register for a free account on, then you can grant them read-only or administrative access!

Public Trackers: Create and publish any number of “Public Tracker” codes for your devices. These date/time-controlled codes allow you to share the location and destination of any Valarm device with your customers, suppliers or any other interested parties. Just create a public tracker, then share the generated URL with whomever needs it. You can manually enable/disable any tracker at any time, or set a Valid Date Range and the system will automatically enable/disable the public URL/tracker code.

Public Tracker API: Public Tracker data is available via industry standard JSON API, allowing you to integrate real-time fleet information into your own website.

Blackout ZonesAllows you to hide sensitive depots, destinations, or other facilities from exposure to Public Trackers. Any device which last reported while within a Blackout Zone will not be displayed on the Public Tracker interface or API, thus protecting the location of valuable, sensitive or otherwise private locations. (though you can still track these devices in the Command Center or Analytical Mapping tool)

On, you’ll find the Industrial IoT and sensor hardware you need for remote monitoring with

Take a gander at Web Dashboards for Remote Monitoring, Telemetry, Sensors & Industrial IoT.

Also see our Customer Stories page for a variety of Valarm Industrial IoT applications used various industries like: is an open platform. We’re flexible for your needs.

Your organization can quick and easily integrate Industrial IoT sensor monitoring with any of your business intelligence / analytics systems, like the Esri ArcGIS platform and Cityworks.

Remember that your organization can use sensors made by any manufacturer to remotely monitor air quality, water, vehicles, industrial equipment, assets, hydraulics, bridges, flood monitoring systems, piezometers, or anything, anywhere!

Here are a few favorite sensor hardware companies from dashboards and sensor deployments by our customers:


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