Water monitoring is key in many industries, like natural resources, agriculture, water resources management, water wells, smart cities and government agencies.

Have a gander at the video above to learn how your organization will save time and money by using Industrial IoT sensors to manage and monitor flow meters and water usage.

This tutorial shows you how to monitor Seametrics flow meters with Tools.Valarm.net.

You can use Valarm Tools Cloud / Tools.Valarm.net and PWM sensor adapters to measure pulses from any other brands of flow meters from sensor manufacturers like McCrometer and EKM in addition to Seametrics.

We’re here and ready to help you with water management and monitoring needs.

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Video Transcript / Voiceover:

Howdy, this is Edward from Valarm.

Water resources management is critical for you, your teams, and your organization.

Automatically monitoring water levels, water wells, and flow meters saves your time and your money, while allowing your organization to improve business operations and effectiveness.

In this video you’ll see how our Industrial IoT customers use Tools.Valarm.net software to monitor Seametrics flow meters and other sensor hardware.

You’re seeing a Seametrics iMAG 4700 flow meter here. In order to monitor flow meters you’ll need sensor hubs and PWM sensor adapters from Shop.Valarm.net .

You’ll connect your sensor hubs to Tools.Valarm.net and your PWM sensor adapters connect to your flow meters to measure pulse outputs.

For this Seametrics flow meter, we’ve jumped the Pull-Up, or PU, and the sensor input channels. This connects to the red and white cable that wires into your Seametrics flow meters + or positive input. The – minus or negative from your Seametrics flow meters connects to the ground channel on your sensor adapter.

That’s it. You can configure your Seametrics flow meter pulse outputs to be the exact quantity you need, for example 1 pulse for every 10 gallons of flow.

See our blog and other videos on Valarm.net to learn more about how to configure running total totalizers for your flow meters.

You’ll also see how our customers integrate these flow meters into real-time web dashboards, where you, your teams, and your organization can conveniently monitor and manage your water resources and water wells on any device with a web browser, like your phone or tablet.

If you’ve got any questions about water monitoring, water wells, flood warning systems, water quality, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Info@Valarm.net

Thank you for watching.