Your organization’s water monitoring systems need to be measured and visualized with the latest, up-to-the-minute Industrial IoT sensor readings.

Web-based IoT sensor dashboards give our customers an effective way to remotely monitor their valuable assets from any device, whether it’s a phone, tablet, desktop computer, or laptop.

The screenshots of dashboards you see in this blog post are used by our customers that have deployed water monitoring systems in the states and around the world.

Our customers install IoT water sensors to monitor various things like flow meters, water levels, flood warning systems, and water quality.

The gauges you see in these dashboards provide situational awareness and current flow rates measured by flowmeters.

Historizer graphs also provide an overview of recent historical sensor readings to quickly give our customers an idea of recent environmental behavior.

The screenshots on this page are from our customers in Australia that use Industrial IoT sensors to remotely monitor water systems, hydro flow meters, and water usage.

Mechanical, physical flow meter with an impeller made by McCrometer, which outputs pulses / ticks / counts measured by PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) sensor adapters with telemetry to send IoT sensor readings to Valarm Tools Cloud / .

Flow meters come in all shapes and sizes. And flow meters are typically monitored with Pulse-Width Modulation / PWM sensor adapters.

Some flowmeters provide other sensor standard outputs like RS-232 and RS-485 Modbus.

Dashboards Monitoring IoT Sensors Measuring Water, Tanks, Water Levels, Wells, Flow Meters, and Flood Warning Systems

Industrial IoT sensor manufacturers make flow meters that record flows using various techniques and physics properties like hall effect sensors, propellers or impellers, and ultrasonic methods. Some flowmeters are more physical than others. is an open platform, so each of our customers uses the specific types of flow meters that are the best fit for their particular water monitoring applications.

Valarm dashboards give you easy access and insights into overall sensor systems with multiple Industrial IoT devices. Our customers also drill down into specific details on any specific site for more precise sensor data.

Custom time ranges give you business intelligence solutions based on your IoT sensor device measurements, like the flow meters you see in the example screenshots.

Our customers zoom in and out of specific time intervals to look for patterns, anomalies, outliers, and any other factors they need to know that helps their businesses to save time, lives, and money.

Whether you need to monitor water, tanks, flood warning systems, hydro, flow meters, wells, air quality, water quality, or anything else, we’re here and ready to help you out in deploying your most effective Industrial IoT sensor systems.

Send me a message at if you’ve got any questions about how to install industrial IoT sensor monitoring systems for you, your teams, and your organization.