What benefits does remote monitoring provide for Your business organization?

That’s 1 of the questions Edward was asked in a recent interview. What does monitoring Industrial IoT sensors do for you and your teams?

Remote monitoring with Tools.Valarm.net makes business information available to you and your teams for real-time decision making. Whether you’re in the office, the field, or anywhere else, remotely monitoring sensors creates profit and efficiency for your organization.

Take a gander at the interview article here. Thanks to Toss C3 for putting it together.

The topics in the interview cover all industries with answers to questions about things like:

  • Advantages, drawbacks, and potential risks of remote monitoring
  • How Industrial Internet of Things / IIoT has grown over the years, lessons we’ve learned, and where we think it’s going
  • Industrial IoT Applications, Use Cases, Customer Stories, and Case Studies
  • Sensors standards and tools for building products that collect accurate and precise data, like air quality and water monitoring systems
  • Best practices for implementing a remote monitoring strategy and company considerations for Industrial IoT applications like hydraulics, machinery, fluids, flood monitoring systems, motors, piezometers near wells and levees, engines, and bridge expansion joints
  • Power sources like solar panel power and mains electricity
  • Internet connectivity like 5G GSM cell networks, ethernet, and WiFi
  • Improving efficiency and effectiveness of your industrial equipment, assets, and processes like supplier managed inventory (SMI)
  • Water resources management, flow meters, well levels, tanks, pumps, run time counters and totalizers for monitoring water usage

Tools.Valarm.net is an open software platform so you can use sensors made by your favorite hardware manufacturers. Some favorites of our customers include sensor equipment made by:


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