Water Glass

President Obama has a proposal to make sure all Americans have access to clean, safe water. The plan is not one of just replacing aging infrastructure but looking ahead to the future with the use of technology.

In an exclusive interview with Fast Company’s Co.Exist, the Office of Management and Budget offers a preview of some of the water innovation measures. The focus is on innovation not reform.

Here are a few of the water related measures that the White House is proposing, with more to come tomorrow:

  • Desalination research hub
  • Better water modeling
  • Real-time usage data
  • Leading the water conversation

Currently the U.S. has no standardized metering to monitor water usage furthermore the data is not made public. The White House wants to fund the USGS to help develop transparency in water use.

The associate director for natural resources, energy, and science Ali Zaidi points out, water innovation is lagging in US-funded research. [Fast Company & Gizmodo]

With additional funding will come great opportunities for companies that work in environmental consulting to provide solutions and data for better water analysis. Have a look at monitoring solutions used by Valarm customers, which offer a dramatic increase in data resolution, at a fraction of the expected cost.

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