We’re at the Esri User Conference in San Diego, releasing new software!

This is our biggest show of the year, and we thought we’d make the occasion extra special with this extra tasty new release of Valarm Pro! (okay, maybe alpha/beta/gamma radiation and airborn dust/soot/pollen are not actually very tasty…)

Valarm Mazur Instruments PRM-8000 Radiation Monitor radioactive geiger counter environmental sensor mobile device copyWe now support the serial data streams from these awesome sensors: the Mazur Instruments [PRM-8000] and [PRM-9000] radiation monitors (geiger counters), and the Dylos [DC1100] and [DC1100Pro] Air Quality / Particulate Matter Monitors! These are all extremely high-quality, highly-accurate, reliable sensors – at very reasonable prices. (just be sure you get the Dylos, whether DC1100 or DC1100 Pro with the Computer Interface option)

To connect the Mazur geiger counters to Valarm for remote monitoring, mobile data collection, and alerting of radiation levels, you’ll need [Mazur’s special USB data cable].

To connect the Dylos to Valarm to enable remote monitoring and automatic alerting of PM2.5 / dust / pollen / other airborne particulates, you’ll need a Serial-to-USB cable using either the FTDI or PL2303 chipsets – like this [excellent RS232-USB cable from Plugable]. Both of these devices output their data once-per-minute, as an average of the values detected during the last 60 seconds. They can also both be programmed (at their respective factories, by special order) to output data at faster rates if your application requires it: Valarm will automatically adjust to the rate of output from the monitors.

Valarm Dylos Air Quality Sensor Monitor PM2.5 PM copyThese two new sensors bring some awesome new capabilities to Valarm, and are our first widely available RS232/Serial sensors – with many more to come.

Limitations: unfortunately, you can only attach and monitor one RS232/Serial sensor per Valarm Android host device. But you can combine them with a vast array of other USB sensors simultaneously by using a USB hub, to monitor so many additional environmental or mechanical factors, including (but not limited to…!) air quality, water/fluid factors including depth, flow, temperature, soil and ambient moisture, a vast array of electrical factors and so much more. Of course, if you’re already using Valarm, you already know how flexible and powerful the system is!

Valarm Pro 1.4.1 is already available in the Google Play store, and our cloud tools at http://tools.valarm.net have also been updated to map/graph/export the new radiation and air quality / particulates data. Enjoy! (but please DO NOT EAT radioactive materials)