You want to learn more about Device Groups in the Valarm Tools Cloud? This video tutorial shows you how to create and manage Device Groups at It’s quick and easy and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments!


Video voiceover / transcript:

Hello, this is Edward from Valarm. In this video tutorial you’ll see how to use device groups with Valarm Tools Cloud in order to better manage, organize, and maintain your Valarm devices.

Once you’re logged into go to the Device Manager to see all of your Valarm devices. Here I’ve got a ton of devices so using Device Groups makes sense since it will let me group my devices and be a better organized person.

First, note that you can create a new device group by clicking the plus icon under the Device Groups header on the left. This pops up the create new device group dialog where you can enter a name and description for your new device group. You can also use this dialog to configure public REST endpoints and REST push URLs for pushing your geo-tagged Valarm sensor data to an endpoint of your choice in real-time.

I’ll make this first device group a container for my mobile, moving Valarm units on things like buses, cars, trains, or UAV drones. Now I can see what devices are in a specific device group by using the drop-down menu under Device Groups. I’ve changed it from “All” to my new mobile / vehicles device group and you’ll notice that it’s empty. Now it’s time to add devices to a device group. Use the drop-down to go back to viewing all devices and then under Groups on any device you can click the [edit] link to change which device groups that unit is associated with. After that just click save and now you know how to add devices to your device groups. This time when you go to your newly created device group you’ll see the devices you’ve added. In this case you see the 2 devices I’ve added to the mobile / vehicles group.

Next I’ll create a device group for my stationary remote environmental monitoring units, for example those located in facilities, vineyards, farms, buildings, mines, or any other static location. After I’ve created this second device group I have the option for any device to add it to either or both of the device groups. I’ve put a couple devices in each device group to demo this functionality for you. Note that you can also click the Edit Device Group button to change any settings like the name of the group or to set up sensor APIs. See our videos and blog posts on the Valarm API to learn more about those. That’s all for how to manage your devices by grouping with Valarm Tools Cloud, now go try it yourself!

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