How secure is your IoT?

We’ve been writing a series of docs on security and IoT.

In the 1st article we covered the security considerations for the movement of IoT sensor measurements from hardware in the field, to the cloud.

This 2nd, follow-up security doc continues where we left off. This piece talks about what you need to know once your Industrial IoT sensor info arrives safely in the cloud.

How safe is your sensor data when it’s on / Valarm Tools Cloud ?

There are 2 key parts to consider when we’re talking about cloud safety:

  • Infrastructure – Servers, Databases, and Networks Between Them
  • User Access – Customer Log In and Data Interaction

Our SaaS cloud is implemented with Amazon’s Web Services (AWS). Some IoT safety components to consider are load balancers, web app servers, and database servers like MySQL and MongoDB.

The full article shares your IoT security features implemented in Valarm Tools Cloud, including details about:

To learn more, have a gander at the full “In The Valarm IoT Cloud” security documentation here.

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