Can poor air quality affect you and your family’s health?

You probably figure it can, but how does it do it? Well, results from this research study at USC show that air pollution adds risks of type 2 diabetes in obese children. That’s pretty surprising.

The scientists measured health and air pollution in communities for more than 3 years. The findings show that as children become adults their pancreas and ability to make insulin are severely damaged. You then know that humans have got higher risk for type 2 diabetes due to their exposure to poor air quality.

Does pollution and air quality cause other health issues and problems? Have a look at this write-up that tells you how your air quality is linked to your risk for Alzeheimer’s Disease.

Could your community be at risk for bad air quality due to gas leaks or other sources?

In Aliso Canyon and Porter Ranch in California there was a gigantic gas leak from the Southern California Gas Company’s storage facility.

$8.5 million will be paid to South Coast Air Quality Management District (SC – AQMD). AQMD will do studies to discover how citizen and community health was affected by the massive gas leak.

The gas leak launched tons of gnarly chemicals into the air and atmosphere. This caused a community evacuation and made people and their families sick.

What will be the final health effects of this tragic air quality event? We’ll see in the future as more info from the study is released.

What can you do to remotely monitor air quality?

Fortunately, remotely monitoring air quality sensors is easy and effective with

We work with private organizations and government agencies like Southern California’s AQMD, to deploy the best Industrial IoT air sensors for your health and safety.

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