Remotely Monitoring Industrial IoT (IIoT) Sensors for Real-Time Telemetry with Valarm Tools Cloud and Step Down Power Converters (12V -> 5V)

Valarm Tools Cloud Remote Monitoring Industrial IoT Sensor Telemetry Agriculture Ag Soil Moisture Water Air Quality Temperature Humidity Light highlight voltage step down converter 12v 5vYou’re looking at a step-down power converter in this photo. It’s highlighted with a big red oval in the picture.

This critical piece converts power coming directly from any source to 5V, e.g., a solar charge controller or battery with 12V output. 5 Volts is just what the doctor ordered for your USB connectors that power your Valarm sensor hubs.

Be sure to attach the + positive red leads to each other. Same goes for the – negative black wires!

If you’ve set it up right then your sensor hubs and sensors will light up and your sensor telemetry information will be sent to

Note that this page is a detailed breakdown of 1 critical component in solar-powered, Valarm remote monitoring units.

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