This week Valarm is in Houston, Texas, at the Esri Petroleum GIS Conference, affectionately known as the PUG.

You’ll see the Valarmy in the plenary keynote demo’ing our real-time monitoring and Industrial IoT sensor solutions.

Particularly, we’ll be focused on for water resources management and Industrial IoT web dashboards. These Industrial IoT applications improve your organization’s business operations by saving your money, time, and lives.

You’ll learn how to effectively monitor wells, gases (H2S, CH4, NO3, others), dust, noise, pipelines, flood warning systems, asset tracking, water levels, chemical tanks, and more.

How does solve your problems and make your organization more effective?

Stop by Booth #231 in the PUG Expo to learn just how.


Talk to us at if you’ve got any questions.

Below is a one-sheet on, which we’re handing out at the Esri PUG conference.

The overview covers how monitoring Industrial IoT sensors help save time, money, and lives for our customers in various industries.

(Click here for a printable PDF)

Valarm Overview One Sheet

Valarm Overview One Sheet