Looking for an effective way to remotely monitor soil moisture?

The video tutorial above shows you how to connect your Decagon GS1 soil moisture sensors to Valarm Tools Cloud – tools.valarm.net. The Decagon GS1 soil moisture sensors are super rugged, low cost / affordable, durable, and easy to work with. We highly recommend GS1 soil moisture sensors!

You ready for soil moisture + Industrial IoT? Follow the steps in the step by step HowTo video! Here’s what you need for each soil moisture telemetry deployment:

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Voiceover / Video Transcript:

Howdy! This is Edward from Valarm.

Do you or your organization need to monitor soil moisture? In this video you’ll learn how quick and easy it is save time and money by automatically sending soil moisture sensor readings to the cloud where can view your data on any device with a web browser.

This is a Decagon GS1 soil moisture sensor. There’s no need to drive and trek to the field to take manual sensor readings.  With Valarm you’ll automatically get all of your sensor data on a website as well as email alerts. Instead of manually reading sensors with a Decagon ProCheck, you can leave this simple hardware in the field in a weatherproof box. Now your soil moisture sensor data will be available at any time at tools.valarm.net.

Here you see the Decagon GS1 soil moisture sensor connected to a Yoctopuce 0-10V sensor adapter from shop.valarm.net. Note that the red wire with data goes to the sensor channel, the white power wire goes into the power channel labeled 23V, and the bare wire goes to ground.

You’ll need a sensor hub to send the data from the sensor adapter to Valarm Tools Cloud. On shop.valarm.net you’ll find sensor hubs that send data to the cloud via GSM cell network, ethernet, or WiFi. You can easily add any number of additional sensors like temperature and humidity.

Once you’ve got these components connected, put them in a weatherproof box and leave it in the field for automatic soil moisture telemetry. No more time driving to the field to take manual readings! And you get your sensor readings as often as you’d like them, every minute, every hour, however often you want.

Now that the soil moisture sensors are deployed in the field, you’ll login to tools.valarm.net to remotely monitor your sensors. Under the Device Manager, be sure you’ve mapped your 0-10V sensor to a field or column on Valarm Tools Cloud.

You’ll set up a linear scaler to convert the raw millivolts soil moisture sensor readings to Volumetric Water Content, aka VWC. In the help docs for the Decagon GS1 you’ll see that it reports values between 1000 and 2500 millivolts, or 1 and 2.5 volts. Using Decagon’s formula, those min and max values correspond to a min of 0 and a max .681 or 68.1%. You can see here the settings you use to make a linear scaler that outputs volumetric water content percentage into the Calc 1 field.

Now the Calc 1 field shows the latest VWC soil moisture readings, which is .21 or 21% in this example. You can now map, graph, and set up email alerts with your soil moisture sensor data on Valarm Tools Cloud. For step by step tutorials on how to do more awesome things with Valarm, like monitoring water, air quality, and high tech transport vehicles, have a look at our other video tutorials and our blog at www.valarm.net.

With our APIs, you can easily integrate all of your real-time Industrial IoT and sensor telemetry data into your dashboards, as well as your business intelligence and analytics systems.

Thank you for watching! Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@valarm.net if you need help, have questions, comments, suggestions for another video, or just want to chat about remote monitoring!

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