3D GIS Earth Globe Map Visualizations Meet Industrial IoT, Remote Sensor Monitoring, and Real-Time, GPS-Tagged Telemetry with Valarm Tools Cloud!


You’ll watch a HowTo Video Tutorial above that shows you how to use Industrial IoT sensors with 3D maps for your organization using Tools.Valarm.net.

Visualize your organization’s sensor information with your sensor hubs, e.g., 3G GSM or WiFi, all GPS-tagged with a GPS / GNSS sensor.

Connect and communicate with any sensor to remotely monitor any assets and factors like:


Voiceover / Transcript:

Howdy! This is Edward Pultar, PhD, from Valarm.

You’ll see in this video how to use the Valarm Tools Cloud 3D Mapping feature so you can visualize and analyze your Industrial IoT sensor information in three dimensions! We’ve implemented 3D into Tools.Valarm.net using the Esri ArcGIS Platform as you’re watching in these clips. Now let’s learn how to do this with your Valarm remote monitoring deployments!

First you’ll log in to your Valarm Tools Cloud account on Tools.Valarm.net. After you’ve logged in click the 3D GIS tab in the top menu and you’ll see the earth globe just like you’re viewing here. Click and drag with the left mouse button to pan around the map or click to pop up more info on a GPS-tagged Valarm sensor measurement.

Scroll with the wheel button to zoom in and out continuously or hold down the middle mouse button and drag to zoom. Click and hold the right mouse button and drag to tilt your view or rotate around the location you’ve clicked. Click the compass in the upper left tor type the letter N on your keyboard to reset north and orient the view the north straight up.

To show your Valarm sensor data on the 3D map, select which sensor hub devices you want to visualize. Then select a from and to date range.

Under the 3D Visualization Tools menu you’ll customize how you visualize your Industrial IoT information. You can set which sensor parameter corresponds to the height of each Valarm sensor measurement, as well as which sensor field or column changes the colors of each collection point.

In this example we’ll use the Calc 3 sensor field for the heights of the features, which in this case corresponds to air quality particulate matter measurements from an Alphasense OPC-N2 sensor that we deployed with South Coast AQMD (SC-AQMD), the California government agency responsible for air quality monitoring and compliance. The Alphasense OPC-N2 sensor measures PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 air quality readings.

For configuring the heights, you’ll set the low and high values that make sense for your sensor readings as well as what height you want min and max values to be. Play around with these until you find the values that work best for you.

Next up is the color configuration. Here we’ll use the Valarm sensor field for humidity. Set the min and max colors you’d like. Then enter the values that correspond to your sensor’s minimum and maximum values. Now we’ve configured a Valarm device with 2 separate sensors to visualize at the same time on the 3D earth globe! This will let us quickly and easily analyze correlations between 2 different sensor fields.

You can also choose the geometry and which shape you’d like to use for each Valarm data point. You’ve got the choice of cylinder, cube, or cone. Change the base diameter to make the sensor features more or less thick.

Now you’ve got a beautiful visualization in 3D of 2 different GPS-tagged sensors that were recorded at the same point in time! In the upper right you can click the base map button to change the baseman to a satellite hybrid view, a dark gray base map, terrain, national geographic, or streets.

Left mouse click any of your Valarm sensor readings to get a pop up window with the exact GPS-tagged sensor measurements that your Valarm devices reported. In this case you can see the precise values for the PM10 reported by the optical particle counter as well as the relative humidity percentage.

That’s an overview of how you can use the Valarm Tools Cloud 3D mapping feature. Log in to Tools.Valarm.net and try it with your sensor hubs from Shop.Valarm.net.

More info on our Valarm blog!

Thank you for watching and please, if you’ve got questions then don’t hesitate to Contact Us at Info@Valarm.net.


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