Effectively Manage Your Organization’s Water Resources

Your Industrial IoT Sensor Systems Monitor and Measure water and fluids to help with your business needs when you’ve got questions like:

  • What are your water levels?

  • How much water is in your wells, tanks, or other places?

  • What are your water usage levels according to flow meters and level sensors?

  • How do flood warning systems safely monitor water levels, rising tides, and storm surges?

Whether you need to know flood warnings, water levels in remote reservoirs, the amount of water flowing in distant pipes, the amount of liquids, fluids, and chemicals in tanks, or the status of your rivers and levees, Valarm gives you your valuable information in real-time.

Tools.Valarm.net gives you water and fluid monitoring solutions that are cost-effective and rapidly deployable. Remote monitoring systems are valuable if they’re done right. We’ll work with you, your teams, and your organization to deploy you most effective fluid and water monitoring systems according to your specific needs.

With Valarm water monitoring systems, your real-time Industrial IoT information is available at Tools.Valarm.net where you can map (2D and 3D), graph, export, or download your data in easy to read formats.

You can also forward your information in real-time via APIs to your endpoints, business intelligence and analytics systems like the Esri ArcGIS platform, and Industrial IoT dashboards.

Have a gander at our Industrial IoT Customer Stories page to see who’s using Tools.Valarm.net. You’ll also see how Valarm Tools is saving time, money, and lives for government organizations and companies in various industries.

How does your organization use all of this to improve operations and effectiveness? See our Web Dashboards for a rapidly deployable and easy-to-use software for monitoring your assets at any time, anywhere.



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Below you’ll see customer deployments and case studies of effective fluid and water management systems. You’ll find IoT use cases where our customers have integrated Tools.Valarm.net with to measure sensors with monitoring systems.

Why does your organization need effective monitoring systems? At the very least, increasing your water resources management capabilities will help your bottom line. Let us know more about how your organization will benefit from affordable water monitoring solutions. You’ll certainly improve your business operations, decision-making capabilities, and save your time and your money.


Flood Warning Systems

Smart Cities and Communities Remotely Monitoring Water Levels and Flooding with Industrial IoT Devices Integrating Radar and Ultrasonic Sensors – Measuring Storm Surge and Rising Tide Levels with Early Warning Systems for Natural Disasters, Emergency Management and Safety



Water Monitoring Systems + Web Dashboards for Effective Water Resources Management

Water Wells, Levels, Aquifer Health, Pumps, and Flow Meters



Remotely Monitoring Levees with Piezometers, Vibrating Wires, Transducers, and California Government Department of Water Resources (DWR)

Industrial IoT Sensor Systems Monitoring Real-Time Piezometer Measurements




Water Quality Monitoring for U.S. Government Agencies – Monitor Any Water Quality Factor like Conductivity / Resistivity, pH, DH, and ORP



Industrial IoT for Remotely Monitoring Mobile Industrial Equipment, Tanks, Water, and Fluids on Fleet Vehicles, Trucks, and Trailers

Youtube screenshot thumbnail Fleet Tracking for Industrial Vehicles Meets Remote Industrial IoT Sensor Monitoring  Valarm Tools Cloud Industrial IoT Air Quality Remote Monitoring Telemetry Alphasense OPC-N2 Particle Counter Particulate Matter PM2.5 PM1 PM10 10Valarm Tools Cloud Industrial IoT Remote Sensor Vehicle Truck Industrial Equipment Mobile Vehicles Vacuums Pumps Tanks Switches Flows Flowmeters 1




Monitoring Water Flow Meters

Valarm NPNRD Water Flow Monitor Deployment Aquaculture Fish Farm Agriculture Center Pivot Irrigation Irrigator Nebraska Lorenzo Edward

Water Flow Telemetry in the Midwestern US. Want to know how much water you or your customers are using?



Monitoring Water Usage of Groundwater Wells

Valarm Dudek water monitoring golf course souther california waters levels usage monitor

Measuring real-time water usage, flow meters, depths, & ground water well levels in Southern California. How much water are you using? Drought?



Chemical Distribution – Remote Tank Monitoring in Real-Time



Monitoring Water Levels for the Natural Resources Industry

Valarm Esri Seneca Resources Water Monitoring Deployment - 5wide

Remotely monitoring water levels in ponds on the US east coast. Like to know just how much water you have left?



Monitoring Water Well Levels & Pump Flowmeters

Water Usage Monitoring Systems and Solutions. What’s Going on In YOUR Remote Water Wells?



Water Quality Telemetry – pH, Conductivity, Specific Gravity, Salinity, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

Is YOUR Water Clean? Water Management Systems integrating Industrial Internet of Things / IoT for Monitoring Water Quality Sensors


Water Monitoring Systems with McCrometer Magnetic Flowmeters for Water Usage Alerts and Resources Management


Flood Monitoring, Water Level Risks, and Early Warning Systems



Production Ground Water Well Monitoring




Does your organization need to remotely monitor fluids, water, or flood risks?

Remote monitoring systems, with robust sensor + software solutions, for mounting over bridges, rivers and streams. Your organizations gets ready-to-go, out of the box solutions for remote water level monitoring and early flood detection.




You can receive E-mail or SMS text message alerts based on your water, fluid and any other sensor thresholds.

Visualize your remote water monitoring information on maps like you see in these examples with water well depths / levels and flow meters.

Your organization can also use a custom web-based dashboard to view your latest measurements in real-time on any device with a web browser, like your tablet or phone.

Our core product is Tools.Valarm.net software. Our customers use water sensors made by Flowline, In-Situ, Senix, Omega, GeokonEno Scientific, EKM MeteringMcCrometer, and other hardware manufacturers.

We’ll work with you to recommend the best sensors for each of your scenarios.

You can get your sensor hardware at Shop.Valarm.net or talk to us about customized Valarm box units for your specific remote monitoring deployment needs.

Do you, your teams, and your organization need to monitor more than water and fluids?

Have a look at our pages chock full of info on:





We’re here and ready to help you, your teams, and your organization deploy effective remote monitoring systems.

Please don’t hesitate to Talk To Us at Info@Valarm.net or give us a call at +1 (424) 442-0963 if you’ve got any questions.