Valarm Water Well Monitoring Southern California Water Usage and Flow San Diego Golf Course Wells

***Note: the article down below is from our legacy Android app. We recommend you use dedicated Valarm connector devices, like WiFi or GSM sensor hubs for your Industrial IoT, water, remote monitoring, telemetry, and sensor deployments. Dedicated sensor hubs are more reliable, readily available, cost-effective, and flexible than Android phones or tablets.

You can use Valarm Industrial IoT, telemetry and remote sensor monitoring solutions with any of the following connector devices:

Your Industrial IoT sensor information is GPS-tagged, time-stamped, and sent to Valarm Tools Cloud / via any internet connectivity like WiFi, ethernet, or cell network. With Valarm Tools Cloud you’ll find services for mapping, graphing, and APIs to help you with your real-time, geo-enabled sensor monitoring and Industrial IoT solutions.

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Also take a gander at Industrial IoT Web Dashboards for Remote Monitoring, Telemetry, Sensors & Industrial IoT.

Valarm Tools Cloud Web Dashboards for Remotely Monitoring Fire Risk + Weather Sensors in Southern California on Esri Maps 3Please don’t hesitate to contact us if your business needs help with deploying an Industrial IoT application or have any questions!

Valarm compatible sensors and Industrial IoT hardware are available at





Sony Xperia U ST25i is an cost-effective, small device that works with Valarm’s external sensors.

The Sony Xperia U ST25 is used for Industrial IoT applications like monitoring Longoria’s Fe Ciega vineyard in Santa Barbara, California. It is a great fit for Valarm Pro since it supports internal and external sensors: weather (temperature, humidity, barometric pressure), CO2, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), switches, and electrical resistance. provides you, your teams, and your organization with effective solutions for things like:

Use an OTG + Charging Y-cable to connect Valarm with sensors at the same time as charging this device!

See below for a video demo of this from Valarm’s YouTube channel.

All of your Industrial IoT sensor measurements are be uploaded to Valarm’s cloud database ( where you can map, graph, and analyze anything, anywhere.


You can get an Xperia U ST25 on AmazoneBay, Overstock, or anywhere else you like to shop.

Mic / Audio
Audio Recording
Bluetooth (OBDII)
USB (Yoctopuce)
Sony Xperia U ST25 smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley


Other Device Features

SD Card Slot no
On-Board Storage 8 GB
Battery Life good


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