Valarm Tools Cloud GPS Antennas GSM Hub Sensor Telemetry Real-Time Tracking Vehicles

It’s critical you know the precise + accurate location of your Industrial IoT assets. Your sensor telemetry units may be monitoring moving assets like trucks, trailers, cars, or other vehicles. Who uses this? Industrial cleaning companies and suppliers with trucks that offer industrial cleaning processes use this to improve effectiveness of cleaning vehicles that have wet + dry vacuums, hydroblasting, and other chemical cleaning services. Your business can rapidly deploy cost-effective, mobile Industrial IoT units using any of 1000s of types of sensors with 2 key hardware components you see in the photo:

Note that at the top of the photo there’s also a Meteo sensor that gathers temperature, humidity, and pressure data. You can add any number of sensors to the GSM sensor hub connector device, click here to see a list of available sensors.

Industrial IoT Applications - Valarm Tools Cloud Yoctopuce GSM Hub Esri Map Medellin ColombiaYour GPS-tagged, remote sensor monitoring data is sent in real-time to Valarm Tools Cloud via any GSM cellular network, like AT&T or T-Mobile in the US. Once your Industrial IoT information is at you can view it on maps, graphs, perform analysis, and use our APIs to forward it to your business intelligence / analytics systems like the Esri ArcGIS Platform. The Valarm device in the photo above has traveled around California and Medellín, Colombia, as you’ll see in the maps here with screenshots from Valarm Tools Cloud. This is a simple solution for cold chain monitoring or any other mobile assets or Industrial IoT applications you have.

In the photo at the top of this write-up you’ll see 2 antennas, 1 that comes with the Yoctopuce GPS / GNSS sensor (the green, yellow, and white square) and another GPS antenna that’s superior for reasons like:

  • Longer cable for placing the antenna far away from the GPS / GNSS sensor module
  • Magnet on the bottom of the antenna to easily attach it to the roof or other parts of vehicles
  • Higher quality antenna finds more GPS / GNSS satellites, more quickly and gives you a more precise + accurate location

So if the antenna that comes with the GPS sensor isn’t giving you good enough latitude + longitude coordinates for your application, then we recommend trying a different GPS antenna! Be sure to get a SMA to uFL/u.FL/IPX/IPEX RF Adapter Cable too if your GPS antenna needs it in order to plug into the Yoctopuce GPS / GNSS sensor.

Valarm’s Industrial IoT solutions are rapidly deployable and help you remotely monitor your assets and receive custom, critical alerts, regardless of your industry. Have a look at our Industrial IoT Customer Stories page with use cases / case studies of who’s using Valarm in a various industries like vehicle / fleet tracking, oil & gas, governments, petroleum, viticulture, agriculture, and natural resources.

Also see Valarm’s Web Dashboards for Remote Monitoring, Telemetry, Sensors & Industrial IoT. These web-based dashboards give your business a configurable, custom website where you can view your latest and historical Industrial IoT information on any device with a web browser, like a phone or a tablet!

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