When a company in the natural resources industry needs to monitor water and flow meters, they turn to Tools.Valarm.net.

In this Valarm IoT customer success story, you’re seeing photos from our customers remotely monitoring water resources across a variety of landscapes.

These water monitoring systems are deployed in the field with solar panels to generate sufficient electricity to power the Industrial IoT sensors and everything else.

Since Tools.Valarm.net is an open platform, our customers use any combination of power and internet connectivity in their remote monitoring systems.

Some customers use standard mains power like 110V, while others use solar panel power like these customers in Australia that plenty of sun year-round.

These systems upload sensor information to Valarm Tools Cloud via ethernet cables, while other customers use cell networks like GSM or CDMA, and some use standard WiFi wireless internet.

Each of these waterproof, remote monitoring boxes have the following key components you see in the photos from the deployment locations:

  • Network Connector Devices / Sensor Hubs from Yoctopuce.com
  • Yoctopuce PWM sensor adapters for monitoring water flow meters
  • Solar charge controllers for power distribution and maintenance between solar panels, batteries, etc.
  • Batteries like Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) or Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries charged up every day by the sun through the solar panels
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) injectors for powering the ethernet sensor hubs that upload water sensor readings to Tools.Valarm.net

Hydro water sensor information from flow meters is automatically sent to Valarm Tools Cloud at regular time intervals, e.g., every 5 minutes.

On Tools.Valarm.net our customers configure alerts based on custom thresholds so e-mail alerts and other messages are sent based on specific high or low ranges of any sensors like these hydro flow meters.

Our customers can also use custom web dashboards that feature their logos and contain specific visuals according to each customer’s particular needs. In the screenshots here you’re seeing this customer’s dashboard with custom gauge ranges and graphs that show exactly what the customer wants to know about their water resources.

Valarm IoT sensor web dashboards and gauges are customizable as described in the steps inside this blog post as well as this one.

This customer also requested for their web dashboard to have a summary page with a quick overview of all of their IoT water monitoring devices with a customizable query range that automatically refreshes every few minutes.

This web dashboard summary stats shows current rates of the flow meters as well as activity over specific time periods like the last 24 hours, previous 8 hours, and various time intervals that the customer requested. There’s also a chart with a graph of the sensor activity during the last 48 hours.

All measurement units are customizable for what you need. For example, these flow meter rates and readings are in liters per second (lps) and can also be displayed in liters per minute, gallons per minute (gpm), or any other units you prefer. Similarly for sensors monitoring water levels, you choose whether you want your sensor reports in feet, meters, or any other measurement units.

That’s your summary for today about this customer success story. Effectively monitoring water with Industrial IoT sensors and flow meters helps this business save time and money.

Whether you need to monitor water, wells, flow meters, flood warning systems, water quality, water levels, or anything else, get in touch with me at Info@Valarm.net and I’ll help you figure out if Tools.Valarm.net is a good fit for you, your teams, and your organization.