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Valarm is a software company based in California.

We’re all about making awesome remote monitoring software that’s powerful, cost-effective, friendly, and solves real-world problems!

How do you, your teams, and your organization effectively deploy remote monitoring systems?

We’ll help you monitor anything, anywhere, with connects you to your remote monitoring systems in real-time.

We’re quite familiar with the operations required for effective remote monitoring systems.

Whether you need to monitor water, levees, bridges, wells, flooding levels, noise, industrial equipment/machinery, environmental IoT sensors, or any other assets, we’ll help you get it done.

We work in the field, down in the dirt close to the metal. And all the way up and out into the internets, into the final format you need for improving your business operations and saving time and money.



How does it work for You, Your Teams, and Your Organization?

Take a gander at our Customer Success Stories Page for Industrial Internet of Things Applications, Case Studies, Examples, and Use Cases.

You’ll see exactly how remote monitoring systems are deployed in industries around the world to help your bottom line.

Do you need effective business data for decision makers to improve operations, create efficiency and profit within your organization?

Have a look at our Web Dashboards for remotely monitoring Industrial IoT sensor systems.



Please don’t hesitate to talk to us at or call us at 424.442.0963



Pawel Sasik (mówi po polsku)
Business Development

Edward Pultar (habla español)
Founder/Spatial Scientist

Lorenzo Gonzalez
Founder/Software Architect


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